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JXD M1000 $40 PS One video games TV console emulator

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JXD provides this affordable games console based on the Actions G1000 processor for games emulation of several consoles up to Playstation One.


  1. Уважаемый Гражданин says:

    Не покупайте. Это кошмар.

  2. I don't think this box is going to offer official Sony Playstation or Nintendo games. When Charbax asked for Playstation and Nintendo games, she answered 'yes', but I guess she didn't fully understand his question.

    It's probably only going to play very basic and old, freely available games from the area of a Gameboy Color or so … Don't expect this to offer Gran Turismo 2 !

    And of course, they can't offer a console with 100 official Sony and Nintendo games, licenses would cost 1000 $…

  3. The G1000 is a MIPS SoC, seems powerful, JXD also has handheld device that uses the same processor is the JXD 3000

  4. JXD makes some cool retro gaming devices.

  5. My neighbor has this system and it does indeed have real psx/psone on it. It can also play iso files from the card reader It is highly bootleg lol but cool as hell! 2D games run extremely well as well as partially 3d games but very high polygon games stutter or go slow. Some do not work at all. We haven't found a way yet to skip frames to make these games run at a decent speed

  6. yes, i think it not powerful as a psx and computer. I play psx game by my computer and gamepad . It's perfect.

  7. @jacklambertwilson

    at least they have a brain to make a product. how many languages can you speak.

  8. Say what you will about her English, but it sounds better than my (and probably your) Mandarin. My Mandarin sounds like a retarded person with braces having a seizure at a spelling bee.

  9. lol, this vid made me laugh

    she didnt know what the hell he was saying

    she didnt do too bad though

  10. 45 dolars, sorry for my bad english, that is a cool devise

  11. so what she saying is you need 2 game consoles to play 2 player

  12. this consolne is a shit. low veeery low fps emulation, movie has more low fps but music play normal LOOOOOOOOOOOOL don't buy it

  13. I would think a hacked xbox would be a better deal.

  14. i am from Russia and i luv China!

  15. Can you use the gameshark with this console?

  16. who ever was behind the cam sounds like a dush the poor girl was trying to speak and he keeps jumping ahead of her guessing what shes going to say

  17. so, does this do PSX/PSone only? how about nes , snes, md, gb, gbc etc?if it does more retro systems i'd be really interested!

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