Is Google Set To Make A Video Game Console? | Rumor Wave -

Is Google Set To Make A Video Game Console? | Rumor Wave

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Rumors have been swirling since the beginning of the year about a possible entry into the video game console market by Google. Being a part of the console market is difficult and expensive, but Google is a company that has the resources and money to make a splash in the industry. Could Google really be set to enter and compete against the PlayStation and Xbox?

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  1. Isn't this basically the NVIDIA Shield? That's basically what can probably compete in this market. It basically is a steam box/android console but seriously if they're 100% serious they should look at the shield and use that as a stepping stone for them. The important thing would be exclusives that can compete also.

  2. I can only see this working if the Streaming service doesn't need a gaming PC and they try their hardest with exclusives and making the online great. other than that this sounds like Ouya 2.0 or could end up like the Phantom console and just disappear altogether

  3. Future could be Google vs Apple vs Amazon

  4. Google sounds like they’re going the OnLive route. Hopefully they change the idea.

  5. i heard adblock+ is already planning a release date for the so called "google" console. imagine they buy EA and then shut it down

  6. Got one yesterday and finished with it, took it to CEX in Bolton with 22 games and got £7.23 in store credit.

  7. If its streaming then it really won't be a threat to anyone. Not unless Google is single handily planning to upgrade the world's Internet.

  8. na I can't see the point they haven't even got a tv box out yet, I can't see the point of google getting into the console business unless they intend to buy out a former major player namely sega..

    Unless google and other Co's invest in the global fois market there is no point in having live stream tv and forth..

    to be honest a wide adoption of fiber optic will have to replace the home network because you are going to be past the limits of 10gb ethernet

    At this stage I would love another console to come to market however if you aren't going to be allowing high capacity hdds to be onboard you are going to be screwed on limitation of what games ..

    Average day 1 from purchase install routine is 180GB without the addition of mods, DLC and updates.

    1TB-4TB is an out scope in OS drive these days..

  9. If it's a cloud/stream play console…. I will pass. I do not like those streamed games. Internet connections in my area just don't cut it.

  10. If google can't run YT right half of the time why the hell would I trust them with a console

  11. You know what would be awesome? If you could use your Android phone as a controller for this Google console. Of course, this would be a play for the casual gamer market and not for the hardcore gamers. Just imagine, you are playing a Mario Kart like game with some friend and it turns out that you don't have enough controllers. Well, somebody just downloads an app, connects with the console and bam, an additional player has just been added. Just from a novelty stand-point alone this would be pretty awesome I think.

  12. I don't believe that people are going to want to bank more personal information, in more Google products.

  13. It will be more like a Nvidia Shield type console that run an Android TV variant possible using cloud computing

  14. Knowing Google they will have a great idea and never follow through with it like… Google Fiber.

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