Is a $200 Game Console Worth It? -

Is a $200 Game Console Worth It?

Austin Evans
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Trying the Nintendo Switch:
The 2017 Nvidia Shield is a $200 game console but is it worth it?
Nvidia Shield TV on Amazon:

With support for 4K and HDR the new Shield is one of the coolest pieces of gaming tech for 2017, now running Android TV based on Android 7.0 Nougat this is my unboxing and review of the Nvidia Shield Android TV.



  1. I used it on the back of my monitor I used it as a gaming pc. I use a Wireless Keyboard and mouse. For my set up it very good it also has a windows/10!!

  2. Hell nah. At that price you could already buy a brand new ps4/xbox one or switch lite. Or just add 100 bucks and you could buy a switch.

  3. I don't like the console cause ps4 is better

  4. Hearing the words “The new Nintendo Switch” is so weird

  5. I could buy like 3 or 4 used ps3s with £200

  6. He looks like a child btw I’m not saying this as a hate comment

  7. the controller grip looks like something out of a Nintendo 64 game.

  8. Damn this was 4 Years Ago now😀 What the fuck??😀

  9. 2:33
    me who bought a used working 360 slim with all accessories + 2 controllers for 30 dollars: ok?

  10. Smallest console with 4K and RTX?! Wow

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