Is a $100 Game Console Worth It? -

Is a $100 Game Console Worth It?

Austin Evans
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PlayStation TV vs Nexus Player vs Fire TV, what’s your pick?

With $100 set top boxes like the Sony PlayStation TV offering serious gaming cred, is it actually worth it to buy one of these ‘consoles’ like the Amazon Fire TV, Asus / Google Nexus Player?

Being able to play PS Vita games along with PS1 Classics, PSP titles and PS3 and PS4 games via PlayStation Now and PS4 Link streaming is a huge plus for the PlayStation TV but with both the Fire TV and Nexus Player running a version of Android it’s not as simple as how many games you’ve got.



  1. u do realise the wii is around 100 bucks, right?
    edit: or at least the mini is 99 bucks.

  2. 5:59 Rare footage of PhantomL0rd streaming before getting banned

  3. I’m from the future and I’m here to tell yo No, No it’s not worth it.

  4. Playstation TV is better a color than PS VITA TV.

  5. What’s the name of that war game that is in ps1 consoles the one that just appear on this video

  6. i hate playstation and im a xbox user so i whould get the nexus player because i like android better than apple

  7. don't know why this is in my recommendations in 2021

  8. Nobody:
    Literally Nobody!
    Youtube: Let's recommend Ps Tv After 6 years…
    Me: Why? It's 2021! PS5 Generation know?

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