Insurgency: Sandstorm - Console Launch Trailer -

Insurgency: Sandstorm – Console Launch Trailer

Focus Entertainment
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Insurgency: Sandstorm brings the high intensity of modern combat to consoles today!

Insurgency: Sandstorm, the smash-hit FPS on PC, brings its nerve-wracking take on modern military combat in digital and retail formats for Playstation 4 and Xbox One today. Compete in PvP or buddy up in co-op through dense urban environments moving from one objective to the next, experiencing the brutality of the lethal tactical action that made Sandstorm the worldwide phenomenon it is today. Feel the ruthless action with this Launch Trailer!
Engage in intense modern firefights in the definitive tactical co-op FPS!
Battle in the war-torn environments of a contemporary conflict through a series of intense cooperative and PvP multiplayer modes. Featuring unparalleled immersion, feel every bullet and fear every impact in fierce close quarters combat.

Death comes fast. Manage ammunition carefully, and use tactics to navigate environments as you and your team fight towards victory. Coordinate fire support, engage enemies with vehicle-mounted machine guns, and engage in thrilling modern firefights.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Steam) alongside enhanced versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at 4K resolution and 60 FPS. Further next-gen enhancements to support PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S console features will arrive in 2022.

The Standard Edition is available in digital and retail stores; the Gold and Deluxe editions are available in digital format. The Deluxe Edition includes Insurgency: Sandstorm and the Year 1 Pass, while the Gold Edition includes these along with the Year 2 Pass releasing throughout the year after release. Each Year Pass includes 16 cosmetic sets, with an extra 4 instant reward items for the Year 2 Pass holders.


  1. Fix the helicopter blades on the main menu… they are spinning backwards. Should be spinning counterclockwise.

  2. Right now This game is complete garbage! I bought it for my base xbox one and the game keeps crashing plus you can't even see bullet holes on the walls or the enemies you shoot, it takes several shots to a specific body part before it is dismembered, and thats with using Heavy Weapons… the game is impossible to play online because of terrible lag, screen flashing and lights blinding your vision from seeing the enemy right before you go to shoot them, sometimes the screen even goes black… also good luck aiming in this game, there is no cross hair so throwing grenades and hip fire are also impossible… there are also multiple sound bugs,, you can't hear your gun fire sometimes, can't hear enemy footsteps even though they are right next to you…on top of that you have modders that use aimbot and God mode (invincibility) and your shots go right through them, its hard to believe with how impossible it is to shoot in this game with the overpowered recoil that online players can easily "One tap" me so quick and easy yet I miss all of my shots on them…. and I know I don't have that bad of aim… I have pretty good sensitivity set ups and it's still impossible… I have video proof of players using mods on this game, on my channel, I was really pumped for this game and excited until I actually played it… the movement feels so clunky and sluggish, it takes an hour to vault over things, thats when you can find things to vault over (there are plenty of things that look vaultable in this game that aren't) the reloading takes forever, if this is supposed to be "Realistic" then why are they moving so slow in a WARZONE!!! The game really needs work… badly! Yall need to improve the blood and gore details for Base xbox one aswell not just for next gen consoles! Really disappointed with my purchase.. hope yall fix it soon

  3. Really disappointed with this game. Way too many camping maps, and not enough maps for rushers. The maps are too boring, and not enough action.

  4. Kalite on numara değil ama yine alacağım

  5. I FUCKING LOVE THIS GAME! I haven't had this kind of craving to play since I was in high school! 🤙 Can't get enough! Cannot wait to see what you amazing men and women over there have in store for us down the line!

  6. but this game barely runs on console, and is boring as fck wtf
    can I have a refund?
    I bought it yesterday


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  8. Loving this game just dont make the same mistakes as ubisoft and Activision blizzard bungie e.t.c triple a been fkn up lately this's a nice breath of fresh air we've needed this since arma3 lol.

  9. Are the graphics as good as they look on Xbox one x?

  10. dear developers, please add more modes for playing with bots. I bought the game on disc as it came out, but – I can't rate the game. There are only 2 modes with bots available – this is not enough, please add capturing points, team battle and similar modes. Not many players buy a subscription for multiplayer, I am one of them

  11. dear developers, please add more modes for playing with bots. I bought the game on disc as it came out, but – I can't rate the game. There are only 2 modes with bots available – this is not enough, please add capturing points, team battle and similar modes. Not many players buy a subscription for multiplayer, I am one of them

  12. I hope the multiplayer will be free sometime soon it gets kinda boring after playing local pve for awhile :')

  13. Could you guys add an private and a local set up match for players to play solo, that would be great.

  14. It’s great, but I wouldn’t not recommend playing it on the Xbox one. It’s just not good enough to run it.

  15. Does anyone know if it’s like socom? It looks similar

  16. It's pretty sad when "paint the town red" has better blood and gore than insurgency sandstorm…. yall really downgraded the game hard for base consoles. Hope its fixed soon

  17. Please FIX the Game, the sound is missing at some point and you need to change weapon to get the sound back !! Are you aware of this on console xbox series x ?? I'm really angry about this, otherwise the game is amazing.

  18. Needs a patch but otherwise its an absolutely fantastic experience, and the hints are hilarious, thank you Focus!

  19. Has crashed 4 times in 4 games. Love the game but fix it.

  20. Just got it and I’m loving it , especially how everyone communicate

  21. Still having crashing issues on my base ps4, it's a little better after the last update but still happens more than it should. I paid for the warlord outfit and when I equip it in game the skeleton gloves (main reason i bought the outfit) don't render in at all and I'm forced to look at a pair of plain white gloves that my fingers clip through for the entire match. Haven't got to see them yet in game other than in the customization menu.

  22. No spec ops died twice! 1:28
    Also you have really stepped up your game fe

  23. remember u need superate the arma 3 playmode of game

  24. can y’all add a breath hold to slow gun sway you don’t have to remove gun sway but it’s like doing circles around peoples heads

  25. Fun game buts it needs a lot of fixes, suicide bombers and melee enemies literally spawn on top of you (instant death) most weapons effective ranges feel very off. Shots clearly not registering. Foot steps audio is sometimes misleading. Game crashes alot. When it plays well you’ll have a blast, but that’s like 2/10 games if your lucky to get decent local matchmaking. Laggy enemies on co op that rubberband. I won’t even bother playing multiplayer till they fix it otherwise it’s just a filler till something better comes along.

  26. Please release the update. Im tired playing a good game then at the very ending the games crashes an no one get Xp

  27. Just got it today and I’m liking it so far…

  28. This looks brilliant. Think I will be getting this on the 15th of this month on my PS 4

  29. Insurgency Sandstorm= camping ass, boring game!!!!

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