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I Took Control of the Ocean for an Entire Week – Rust

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In one of the most recent Rust updates, the ocean has received an array of new content including the underwater labs, sharks, fishing, spear guns (for underwater PvP) and much more!
In today’s Rust adventures I am going to be building and living inside of a boat base for the entire wipe. I will be slaying foes in the ocean with my spear gun, patrolling the seas with my boat and much more. Enjoy 🙂

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0:00 – The First Day
16:42 – Building the Boat Base
22:45 – Meeting Some Friends
28:45 – Solo at the Underwater Labs
32:40 – Creating a Village
39:12 – Satchel Raiding
42:30 – Cargo Ship
45:52 – A Potential Threat
46:55 – Guest Appearance CNDBLOOD
57:30 – Levelling up the Base
59:55 – Meeting my Hostile Neighbours
1:00:28 – Meeting the Brazilian Clan
1:01:30 – Guest Appearance SEBBYK
1:13:32 – Guest Appearance Terpsicat
1:16:45 – The Big Finale

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PC Specs:
Asus ROG STRIX Z490-F GAMING Motherboard
Intel i9-10900K CPU 3.70GHz
Corsair Vengeance 32 GB DDR4 RAM
Nvidia GeForce 2080 Ti
500GB Samsung 970 EVO PLUS M.2 PCIe Solid State Drive

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  1. When u wispering u sound like telling a storry

  2. "It will be a pain free death" proceeds to hack at leg with axe

  3. Excellent work Jordan. Long time fan.

  4. This man trying to speak portuguêse is the best thing in the world

  5. the dude who you killed trying to farm trees and got a horse after I'm glad people like him still play games

  6. Man I wish I didn’t suck at this game. But I’m glad there people I can live out my rust dreams through

  7. some gamers can be weard ay well what i say is some gamers can be simps

  8. protip: even the crappy level 3 fish will give you level 5 bait if you butcher them, often 2 pieces for every fish. The level 5 is good enough to catch salmon and sharks so you can save your trouts for fishing inside the underwater labs, selling for scrap, or just getting extra raw fish for food.

  9. If your not posting tonight, I’m unsubscribing

  10. Just post a damn video please it been long enough, so please post a VIDEO

  11. Awesome video, I’m already hyped for the next one.

  12. As much as I love hearing the English accent say "water bottle", it's even funnier applied to "underwater".
    …Now if I heard "underwater water bottle"…

  13. Can i come play with you, stopped playing cause i couldn't do nothing

  14. Ive never played this game. Dont know how i ended up here. But i enjoyed watching this.

  15. Hey man your ak spray was fine, we all start somewhere and hey just cuz you have hours doesn't mean you'll be the best. Not everyone practices pvp and by the looks of it you're doing amazing, keep up the content <3

  16. love to see other rust streamers plus that you making new friends ingame

  17. Anyone else think the underwater lab kind a looks like it’s from Subnautica

  18. Getting trapped by noobs that use google translate is hilarious.

  19. Idk why but 37:10 cracked me up when you jumped out of the boat and he was in the passenger seat 🤣🤣

  20. “Shoot that bow your base is gone…yaaaa right” proceeds to not shoot the bow

  21. I love the NO BULLY! guy.
    He's so desperate with his rock. 🪨
    You should have just told him- and a warm welcome to Rust to you as well.

  22. JordanRants: going to abandoned supermarket
    Also him: hanging around the abandoned cabins is good

  23. I watched the whole 1 and a half hour video and it was so entertaining 🥰

  24. Sooo I'm new at rust and what wipe? Is it like get rid all of you progress / base that you build?

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