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I Restored This Yellowed & Broken PSone – Retro Playstation Console Restoration

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I will restore this PSone console. It is an updated version of the original Playstation. It was released almost exactly 20 years ago. The console is very yellow and and dirty. And it won’t read the discs. It gives no picture out which it should do when the there is an issue with reading the disc only.

My tutorial for removing yellowing:


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  1. I bet he bite off his only teeth when he is was knewing only of the much only 1 million but then only 500 dollar only loooool

    edit: correcteted a word

  2. Your a genius you made it look brand new

  3. Restore the old MasterPiece and make a joke at the same time.. That's why I subscribe to ur channel bro..

  4. Hes like the dude in toy story 2 who fix’s up woody.

  5. No way, i remenber my uncle play "Brigandine" . And its not yellows is light gray i think.

  6. You forgot to restore the joystick 🕹️😂✌️, nice one

  7. Cool looked like some kind of stonewashed or I do not know what "extra" spray instead.

  8. I never trust refurbished products on Amazon but I might give a try if it's cheap enough.

  9. Malekaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Pake minyak kayu putih sekali gosok langsung putih tu kuningnya woyyy, lumah ribet tuh ngabisin waktu

  11. the memories i think i have the same at grandpa

  12. Look how clean the inside is! how fake is this kinda crap these days! 2.3million idiots actually sub to this crap?

  13. On the newest Crash/ polar bear level?…
    Yes I play like that, before I destroy a controller you can probably fix.

  14. I have the same one! Loved playing Crash and Spyro on it! I miss the old days when there were no computers but only ps1 and VHS!

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  16. I would have just rubbed toothpaste on the disc and then it's be good as new 😂


  18. 13 jears usage almost glow in the dark…🤣

  19. Ps1 is retro now? Ooof
    So upset my sister sold her ps1. I love to keep consoles 🙁 the oldest thing I own now is my gameboy advance sp…

  20. Go raibh maith agat. 🥰 Is aibhainn liom an ps1!

  21. Just when you hear the opening and initial sounds of your PS1 turning on, you know, it was worth all the work.

  22. Very nice! I saw the video recommend on my dashboard and I just had to watch it. Well done! Like it!

  23. The moment when the Sony changed to the Playstation logo, always gives me peace.

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