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I Restored This $5 Ebay Junk Gameboy Advance. It Used to be Blue – Retro Console Repair

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I found this ruined Gameboy Advance for $5 it was sold as junk and it doesn’t work. It is extremely yellow. The original color was transparent light blue called Glacier. This sort of projects are always interesting as I never know if the console has been completely destroyed on the inside or if it has only a small issue. Check out also my Gameboy t-shirt design, I will remove it from the store at the end of March:

I started the restoration by trying to get the power on. First I tried to clean corroded the contacts. To do that I needed to desolder the top of the switch. New switches can also be bought online if you just prefer to change it. After opening the switch I used isopropyl alcohol to gently clean the contacts. If you can’t desolder it you can try to get isopropyl alcohol in the switch and then turn it on and off multiple times (with no batteries) similarly to what I will do with the volume wheel. However I think this is not as good method because it only spreads the dirt on on the inside rather than removing it. Once I got the power on I noticed the volume wheel didn’t do much. It occasionally got some contact and turned the volume louder for a brief moment. I thought that it may have the same issue as the power switch. It was so this was very easy fix from the “technical” point. These were the only functional issues I found.

I also removed the yellowing from the plastic shell which was supposed to be colorless. For this I used the same retrobrighting method as always. H2O2 and UV-light. Full tutorial here:

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Some tools from this project:
Screw driver set:
Plastic prying tools:
Hydrogen Peroxide:
UV-LED strip:
99.9% Isopropyl alcohol:
Power source for LEDs:
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  1. You are like the guy that fixes up Woody in Toy Story, but with electronics

  2. Estos videos me quitan la depresión, definitivamente.

  3. nice job on the screen, was that Farecla G3 250? What resin are you using ?

  4. Did you add adhesive to the window when you put it back together? Of so, what kind of adhesive?

  5. Dang, the person who sold this now regrets it and just realized that he could have just cleaned with isophorol alcohol.

  6. What do you do with these once they are restored?

  7. I love watching these. Brings back childhood memories. I still have my PS2, should probably clean it out lol.

  8. Where can you buy a screen for this gameboy I can’t find it

  9. Had the same game boy with the same game when I was a kid

  10. I saw a roblox symbol inside of the gameboy

  11. I have one Game Boy Advance – Arctic, with ruined screen (still working but polarizer is ruined at center) and without battery cover

    I always think about restore it…

  12. Sometimes the tools to even repair these can cost more than to pay someone to do it for you or if you don't care about it anymore sell it to someone who will care about it

  13. Awesome job bro! The screen still has scratches in it though, I would've just replaced the screen. Still, a job well done! 🇺🇲👍

  14. Guy on eBay: “you literally can’t fix it it’s way beyond repair!”
    This guy: hold my isopropyl alcohol

  15. “Apple then watched in horror as he fixed his iPhone instead of getting a new one”

  16. this man took it apart then put it back together to see if it worked then took it apart again

  17. It’s amazing how this guy never stops at a condition of working. He fixed the sound and made it work again, and that didn’t satisfy him. Keep up the good work OT

  18. This should be asmr it's so relaxing almost fell asleep in bed watching this!

  19. Ngl my favorite parts are the glass scratch buffing (?) and the hydrogen peroxide bath 🥺 so cool

  20. at 11 minutes and 30 seconds his tummy rumbles

  21. bro really flexing his mario kart skills at the end

  22. My favorite part of these videos is between watching the guy restore these items or seeing ductor

  23. The little rage and then the “ohhh just protection” made my day

  24. After seeing many of your videos, I have grown fascinated with the idea of repairing gaming consoles myself. Where did you learn to do this?

  25. Amazed me when you used alcohol it looked like something Doc Brown used on his time machine where in the states it's just in a cheap plastic bottle for 79 cents lol

  26. Gameboy Advance com Defeito ou Defeituoso?

  27. That yellow part right there beside off switch it looks like a Roblox icon

  28. When you are fixing the game boy advance how come you didn’t give it a back light screen? it’s so hard to see the game that you are playing

  29. Man! It's very satisfying to watch this. I have a Gameboy in the same state. I really wanted someone to fix it that way.


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