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I played Rust for a day with a 10,000 hour player..

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Ft. the big man Sinks:
Recorded live on twitch :



  1. Willjum ur switching Channel PfPs faster than I can count, calm down man

  2. You both have a similar chilled vibe and even temperament. I enjoyed that and am looking forward to the next video. Cheers

  3. Cranking out content while starting uni 👏👏 appreciate you!

  4. wait so willyum and willjum is same youtuber rust??? Let me know so i can sub both

  5. Love all that you make, keep it up, no pressure. Just keep doing u!

  6. The Willyum's Journey – From farmer to chad. If i can say… Its time for Oil Rig.

    Ps 1:00 THANK YOU!!! ♥

  7. Do you know shift + middle mouse click splits into 3. Also right clicking an item in the crafting queue moves it to the front.

  8. Hey man I just wanna say keep it up I literally come home from my long ass shifts and put your videos on keep it up brother!

  9. It's crazy how chill they are, they have me nearly falling asleep to gunshots 🤣

  10. Loved this!!! You both were are so chill!!! Great duo!!!!

  11. I see we're no longer 360 plebs and back to 1440 chads. Good job.

  12. This is a duo I have needed to see 👀 🙌

  13. I have over 12k hours, does that mean you'd play w me? 😎😁
    ↑ Comment for algorithm + 👍 'd

    #OldManPaxus Rating: ☆☆☆ ½

  14. This is amazing, I think you should try duping with that Willjum kid next !!

  15. Watching ur videos heals my brain damage from watching stimpee videos. The perfect balance and contrast. So im able to chill and freak out at the same time. Thank u 🙏

  16. the way Sinks yells "I passed away, I typed the wrong code" Is hilarious to me, just cus most other rust streamers woud yell something along the lines of "FUUUUUUCK IM FUCKING DEAD"

  17. Great video but the mic for ur teammate is louder than urs so u thought u were him the whole time when he talked, just confused me a little. Good shit tho:)

  18. Wtf is this a fakey or brother with the same mother….no

  19. How do you pronounce your name I have never been sure we say wil-jil-yum is that right?

  20. Imagine playing Rust to just fish for 10k hour 😳

  21. Video just got good and then it ends. Im starting to get real tired of these short to be continued clips of yours willjum. Im pretty sure you played longer with him.

  22. Now that we've seen the scripted content when does the revenge story start? xD

  23. could u make a solo only channel? only solo gameplay on there, nothing else 🙂

  24. bro i think hes fake idk but willYum with a j in the logo FAKE

  25. man, you sound, and play exactly like Wiljum. I wonder if this is some alternate reality where a youtuber pretends to be 2 people to make more money? Lol

  26. When’s the willjum colab coming ? It would be a bit hard to tell you guys apart tho 🤔

  27. Bro the music you use goes so well with your commentary in the video you are my favorite person to watch after a sesh🍃

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