I Opened 20 Rust High Quality Bags for POG Rust Skins! (3/4) - e-gamers.tv

I Opened 20 Rust High Quality Bags for POG Rust Skins! (3/4)

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3rd of 4th Part in the Opening/Unboxing Saga for Rust. We have previously Unboxed 20 Low Quality Bags and 20 Wood Crates But now its time to Unbox 20 of The Rust HQ Bags for a total cost of over $300 USD! Like , Comment and Subscribe if you Enjoyed the video!

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00:00 – [ Intro ]
00:32 – [ Sponsor ]
01:13 – [ Opening Bags ]
06:00 – [ Result ]
07:09 – [ Outro ]


  1. Make sure to smash that Like button if you wanna see part 4 where I open 20 Golden Weapon Barrels!

  2. Watched your previous videos in this series… why anybody in their right mind would pay cash for these is beyond me. GG for taking the hit for us.

  3. I can't believe youtube even allows this proper F**** LOL. Can't wait for weapon barrel lol Seb takin one for the team.

  4. yea they havent changed hqm bags since they came out rlly

  5. giveaway the shit items or did you sell to paypal? (just an idea for the community)

  6. love to see the content. will make sure to never open these for myself

  7. I know people who open them they are like 8yrs old and they got like 200$ steam giftcard for there birthday nd thats how they depoed :/
    also when you pulled the facemask u said chat xd 😀keep up good content

  8. weapon barrels are fun but not worth i rather see you do something else with that amount of money

  9. youve got more chance of profiting just by putting all of the bags in a coinflip xd

  10. ive actually gotten pretty good on the crates ive opened 3 recently and pulled profit every time i ended up getting 34$ from 18$

  11. I got one for free and unboxed a forest camo worth 60$

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