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I Found MY CHILDHOOD CONSOLE at a GARAGE SALE | Video Game Haul | S5E13

Chase After The Right Price
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I went to a bunch of garage sales in hopes of finding things to resell. I ended up finding my childhood console at a GREAT deal! Enjoy this reseller vlog with all of these live garage sale finds! It wasn’t the biggest video game haul, but a noteworthy one at the very least. Especially with some of the resale tips and tales I give about garage sales in general.

Watch all of Season 5 here!

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  1. In my experience neighborhood sales are a bust. Too much advertising and too much foot traffic. Probably depends on location, too.

  2. I like the American Pickers shout out………….

  3. the editing in of the silly things is a nice touch. great finds again. had to diversify into other stuff lately….hardly any retro gaming stuff to be had. keep killing it 👍

  4. Love the new editing you have been doing!

  5. Enjoying the new graphic edits on the videos.

  6. There is no Boba Fett because he played with them which means Boba got feed to a hole in the backyard!

  7. I watched while I was prepping for my own sale I'm going to hold in a couple weeks to clear inventory. You're the man! Thanks for the content!

  8. Nice N64 score I have the standard box with the Styrofoam

  9. The little edits are awesome haha, always unexpected.

  10. Chase you the goat 🐐 Your finds are awesome and you edit fun videos. Thanks for being you.

  11. Editings made a major jump, kudos brother

  12. That’s so weird that person had the expansion pack for the N64 with the games that were in the box. You have to imagine they had some different games at some point.

  13. I’m not loving the new editing style. Less is more in my opinion. Probably in the minority here.

  14. I’m really curious what the average person is doing when it comes to hooking up all these Wii’s. Most TVs today only have HDMI hook ups…. and the solution to converting wii’s to HDMI makes it look like JUNK.

  15. Killing it like usual! I can't wait for where I live to open back up fully so I can go hunting (Ontario Canada), I'm prolly going to buy anything just for the sake of being able too finally lol

  16. Good video bro. Was nice seeing the Star Wars figures.

  17. keep up the good work!!! the videos are looking great and those are some amazing finds!!

  18. Great Garage Sale video as always. I was expecting it to be your actual childhood console. I still have mine and it was that version as well. My very first system. Great memories. Thanks for taking us along.

  19. Many variants on the Star Wars action figures that are worth a lot. R5d4 red bar variant.

  20. Great video as usual Chase. 👌 keep up the hustle.


  21. I recently bought a bunch of original star wars. Same Darth Vader case. It had Boba Fett. Also some Taun Taun and other speed bikes and Fighters for $385. Sold a bunch already and in the profit quick. Good score!

  22. You should keep the n64. find controllers and complete it. Persistence pays off again! My starter console was the Odyssey II E. Ok Yes I'm Old

  23. How much are wii's going for rn on Amazon after fees?

  24. Yea and all I find is $300 Wii systems. I wish I lived surrounded by dumb hicks that weren’t educated about games

  25. What platforms are you using to search for sales? I used to use yard sale treasure map but it no longer works the way it used to.

  26. That was the 64 I got for Christmas too. Ohh the memories… 🙂

  27. Hey Chase! Been watching for a while. I've seen probably 50 of your videos and I still haven't seen the one where you guys are freaking out about something on your phone from the intro. I want to know what it was so badly. Is there any chance you could link me to that video? I'd really appreciate it.

  28. One of my main things I listen to Chase for is how to not sound like an eager jerk when going in on items lol. I am Johnny JumpTheGun when I go looking. And yes, the add on graphics are so good. Kudos to the editor!

  29. Hey Chase thanks for the shout-out, really cool to see you at my sale!

  30. Nice score with the Star Wars figures. I recently picked up 89 figures with 3 storage cases off of Facebook Marketplace for $200. 67 of them were complete. I sold 10 of figures on ebay with no weapons or accessories for $140. You should do very well. If you have a Princess Leia Blaster, I need it. Lol!

  31. when my mom had her big yardsales me and my brother will sit there and pick out the resellers lol then when some of the resellers will try to ask if we will go lower on the price we will usually say NOOOOOOOOOOO

  32. my bother last saturday got 2 wiis with all the cords and games for only 10 dollars at a yardsale

  33. This editing is tragic…..swing and a miss

  34. What do you use to clean the systems, and games? Soap water . . .? Alcohol. . . . ? What ?

  35. OMG..I worked at Target at the time that N64 set was for sale. We had 3 cases of them that never got sold because everyone wanted Gamecubes. They went so far into clearance that the finally went salvage and got sent off to the Goodwill.

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