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I Created an Island Refuge for Solo Players – Rust

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In today’s Rust adventure I choose to follow the friendly path and create an island for new solo players! My job is the protect the island at all costs! Enjoy. 🙂
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Hello! I’m JordanRants and I mostly post Rust content on this channel! I play vanilla Rust and I love the interactive side of Rust. You’ll see plenty of raids and alliances on here! Consider subscribing if you enjoyed today’s video 🙂

PC Specs:
Asus ROG STRIX Z490-F GAMING Motherboard
Intel i9-10900K CPU 3.70GHz
Corsair Vengeance 32 GB DDR4 RAM
Nvidia GeForce 2080 Ti
500GB Samsung 970 EVO PLUS M.2 PCIe Solid State Drive

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  1. Absolutely loving these longer video's brother please keep it up , ✌️

  2. Lol what you got a against tha Japanese 🤣

  3. You been playing for 8 years and I can’t control ak lr mp5 trash at sar and Thompson awful at bow and ur either prim stuck or only tier 2 weapons

  4. Haven't watched your vids in a year, the new chilled style of your vids is 1000000x better. ✌

  5. Your enemies are my friends, I have a lot of friends

  6. It sucks that there isn’t a tech tree on console

  7. bro on minute 11:43 you remember the russian kid? that was the dude in hazmat that you killed. Poor russian kid

  8. If the guys name is Tokyo Isn't that Japan base his?

  9. Louis VOLTON??????? Wtf???😂
    Don't you know the brand Louis Vuitton?😂

  10. On Xbox I wish it was like that 🤙🥰

  11. I just started playing rust a week ago and I just learned honeycombing my base but unfortunately didn't upgrade it to stone.
    Two boys raided me with ROCKETS and just popcorned my loot, they didn't even take it just kept killing me and de-spawned my loot :')

    (Edit: I guess it wouldn't have mattered if I had a stone bade with Rockets I guess..)

  12. Tokyo gets his base back
    Aeryus went from being raided to being a raider
    Judge dread went from seeking world domination to opening up a bbq

  13. I love how he want to be friendly with the Russian kid but the kills him accidentally and says that he remembers the name Louis Vuitton but not from where😂😂

  14. "Lewis vulton" lmao Jordan that's how you spell "loo
    -ee vuh-taan" XD as in the designer brand

  15. Why I can't I find these kind of people when I play 😂😂

  16. I love the crawling feature, I was downed not even a quarter zone from the outpost by some raiders with a bolty. I made it into the safe zone using the crawling feature and had a kid help me up in outpost. It’s a really good feature

  17. "i dint like this idea jordan" should be the title of this video😂

  18. How does Jordan meet all these nice new players and everyone I meet is a pvp Chad?

  19. I’ve done something like this before on Unturned. It was a hell of a mess

  20. you played on the same server with spoonkid :DDD

  21. Anyone got any tips on finding people to play with on rust console? I love rust but I’m new and I can’t solo yet

  22. Enjoyed it so much had to watch it a second time as usual. lol!! Much respect and always patiently waiting for the next. Also made sure to not skip any advertisements because to cheap to buy a YouTube subscription.

  23. Jordan deadass said "oh he's American"

  24. am i the only one seeing that when he waas ''stuck'' in that base he could build out

  25. I hate the crawling fetcher bc it seems to much like a battle royale game

  26. This is nothing like real rust I got my 2×2 rocket raided for taking a 5 man clans ak

  27. Teams with JordanRants 1st hour in Rust. I love it

  28. Is it me or Jordan is the nicest rust player

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