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I Bought EVERY Console at GameStop…

Austin Evans
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From Wii to Switch and PS3 to Xbox One we decided to see exactly what GameStop has…
Is the Nintendo Switch Lite worth it?
Should you buy a PS4 in 2019?

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  1. Imagine going to game stop for like a Xbox or something and you figure out someone bought all the consoles

  2. I'm thinking of getting a pre-owned ps4 pro from gamestop but after this vid idk should I just get the slim?

  3. My PS4 did that once. It's just dirt clogging it

  4. Am I the only one who noticed the wii box was just the Wii U box with the u blackened out

  5. Hmmm so this is why they are all sold out, got it!

  6. Hey guys! It’s here Austin. We bought everything in apple including the company for about “only 3 trillion dollars!”

  7. GameStop is so 2000s🥱 I buy and sell my stuff on Amazon and buy games off the game store on Xbox or nintendo

  8. But don't worry one day I will be rich I will help the homeless I will help my famliy get better houses and car I will also help them get jobs and pay bills I will support my famliy

  9. And I'm sorry if I was rude to you but we people can be jealous of what people have. We people don't have expensive cars and houses some of us don't even have houses we might have to take buses, trains,Taxis, ubers we might have to be in hotels and apartments we might have to beg for money and food we suffer from being too cold or starving we might have to dig though trash we is not famous or rich we all want houses and xboxes+computers too. You is so lucky to have some houses,cars,clothes to have everything. I don't have a house I have to live in apartments we have the most poorest car my Xbox don't work

  10. Why are you complaining about every thing? You must be use to PCs or computers?! Let me tell you something… You should not complain about eneything before using it for 3 days you should watch stuff on YouTube about how to use Xboxes and PS4 and 3 they actually very cool yeah they is nothing like computers but they still is very nice plus some people would love to have them xboxes and if you been on them for 3 days and still don't like them sell them or give them out for free. REMEMBER YOU IS SO LUCKY TO EVEN HAVE THE MONEY TO GET STUFF

  11. I wouldn't go to Game Stop if my life depended on it! Those guys are the biggest scam artist there are!

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