Huge Solo End Game Rust Rocket Raid - Rust Solo Survival Gameplay -

Huge Solo End Game Rust Rocket Raid – Rust Solo Survival Gameplay

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In this episode, it is the day before wipe day and we go out with a very loud bang by doing the biggest raid I’ve done to date! With very good profit!

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  1. It was a good raid but I enjoy it more when I get to see all the stuff that the raider brought to do the raid. You just said you had a lot and through out the video it seemed like you didn't have very much.

  2. Keep going i love your vids i mostly like all of them

  3. I think badly was helping u with ur Rade for covering ur rockets and c4

  4. The door you didn't want to go through was the entrance to the bunker!!

  5. Nice video! In next raid after you find TC secure your raid so you wont get countered:)

  6. "Hands are sweaty, moms spaghetti" I CAN'T ANYMORE xDDDD

  7. are those things where u changed the names of "open box" and stuff like that called "fonts" or sth like that? (like the "open sesame" thing how do I do that)

  8. Hey amazing channel , I want to collaborate with you but you are out of my league

  9. Last two doors .. THANK YOU ! NOW I CAN SLEEP LOL

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