Huge Solo End Game Rust Rocket Raid - Rust Solo Survival Gameplay -

Huge Solo End Game Rust Rocket Raid – Rust Solo Survival Gameplay

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In this episode, it is the day before wipe day and we go out with a very loud bang by doing the biggest raid I’ve done to date! With very good profit!

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  1. he dude i love ur content and ur editing (really good music picking)

  2. Great videos man, keep up the great editing and work! much love from Canada!

  3. It was A BUNKER BASE you missed all the loot underneath

  4. Please keep up the daily uploads as long as you can! it's absolutely great!

  5. the raid started strong and went to, well to doors 😀 but its likeable

  6. TF 2 C4 for a garage door at 400? how many hours do u have?

  7. well hate being the butt of the joke but i'll still like X D

  8. Man you took forever lol. Would have been a counter raiders wet dream. Why do you even mess with the dumb shit? (wood, furnaces, etc)

  9. Did anyone else realize it was a quite secure base, but most of the locks were normal locks, not code locks?

  10. 2:01 i like how the pirate language make it so the triangle roof is named "Bermuda-Triangle"

  11. Keyworth plz could u do like a sub meet up on a server and we can make like a village or something 👍🏻,also great vid as always 👍🏻

  12. So misleading that was a average raid nothing HUGE about it.. sigh.

  13. Who the fuck is bob and how did he suddently become my uncle

  14. the "ASAR dude" joke really hit me right in the cringe


  16. As much as I like ur vids, you did so much in this raid wrong and it pains me soo much

  17. Keyworth = one of top 5 worst raiders of all time

  18. I'm wearing a tin foil hat and I think those Bradley explosions near the end indicate some type of server fuckery and therefore the possibility of faked content

  19. great vid but it hurt to watch you throw 2 c4 on the garage doors

  20. the bradly shoots everyfucking3 seconds, fake content?


  22. Last two doors .. THANK YOU ! NOW I CAN SLEEP LOL

  23. Hey amazing channel , I want to collaborate with you but you are out of my league

  24. are those things where u changed the names of "open box" and stuff like that called "fonts" or sth like that? (like the "open sesame" thing how do I do that)

  25. "Hands are sweaty, moms spaghetti" I CAN'T ANYMORE xDDDD

  26. Nice video! In next raid after you find TC secure your raid so you wont get countered:)

  27. The door you didn't want to go through was the entrance to the bunker!!

  28. I think badly was helping u with ur Rade for covering ur rockets and c4

  29. Keep going i love your vids i mostly like all of them

  30. It was a good raid but I enjoy it more when I get to see all the stuff that the raider brought to do the raid. You just said you had a lot and through out the video it seemed like you didn't have very much.

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