How to Play Retro Video Game Consoles on your HD TV! (Cheap and Easy) -

How to Play Retro Video Game Consoles on your HD TV! (Cheap and Easy)

Anton Retro
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In this video, we take a look at how to play your older video game systems such as the NES, GameCube and Wii on your modern HD Television. All gameplay in the video is captured using the method described in the video, and is cropped to make the video experience better. Thanks for watching, and feel free to leave a like.

AV2HDMI Adapter:

Wii2HDMI Adapter:

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By Anton Retro
**This Video is for Educational Purposes Only**


  1. My nintendo 64 Console flashes when I use av2hdmi. Any advice on how to fix it please?

  2. You have great vids, I really appreciate the effort you clearly put into them.

  3. Awesome video! Definitely helpful and fun to watch too!

  4. The Wii HDMI adapter only has 1 issue though, It won't even display on TV when you try to play Virtual Console games (except N64 games), it's just No Signal or different colored screen depending on TV, but It is great to have though.

    As for GameCube, it's best to use it's HDMI adapters too, since they use the Digital output port (removed in later models), so you can have Progressive Scan mode on NTSC games (so US and Japanese versions only, PAL games have no Progressive Scan features at all).

  5. Or just do what my cousin did buy mini emulation boxes

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