How to find stashes like a pro in rust. -

How to find stashes like a pro in rust.

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Link to video he shows findind stash go to 19:00

How to find stashes like a pro in rust.


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  1. Awesome.

    Alright time to unlist the video now hahaha

  2. Please take this down, don't do this to me bro, not for what 40$ in views, killing me bro 😭😭😭😭

  3. This has to be a new bug. There's no way this was just discovered.

  4. You’ll get banned for doing this thoigh on servers. I did this and apparently their are trap stashes to catch cheaters I found one and it alerted an admin or some shit, got banned for esp (loot stash trap). I tried to explain that I used foundations and they said the chances of me placing foundations in the right spot are 1 in a billion so they banned me

  5. Imagine dont even have stash esp on 2021 and cheaters cant even detected by rust lol

  6. just use a hammer, and spam left click in the floor, when you hit some stash they sound like a wood.

  7. adder how am i going to find peoples stashes if they know im gonna do this? stop helping the new people help the OG crew out lol

  8. I did this by accident on my own stashes when I tried to live above them

  9. The is especially over powered because it’s not getting patched

  10. Anyone though this was a joke when they heard it was sped up then android ping

  11. I think it would be pretty cool if you did a solo survival series

  12. but the thing youre opening at the end isnt stashes

  13. bro like why is it showing me now i lost a stash with a row of aks and 1 with 2 stacks explo ammo and 5 c4 on a official server cause i didnt found my stash this is so bullshit

  14. I would've killed for this on my first ever proper wipe where I got raided. Knew who did it, took my trustee python and countered them somewhere else only to steal about 8 stashes of kits/guns from them. Sadly I thought I screenshot all of them, but missed one. Had a rough idea but never found it. This would've been dope.

  15. How do you play looking to your left lol triggers me watching

  16. i just usually turn on esp and find them but i guess this works

  17. if you over a bear trap over where a stash is it instantly uncovers it

  18. So If you place a foundation above a stash it appears or how does this Work i dont understand to hundred Percent..

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