HOW I PLAY SOLO on a 700 POP SERVER on WIPE DAY | Rust Solo Survival (1 of 4) -

HOW I PLAY SOLO on a 700 POP SERVER on WIPE DAY | Rust Solo Survival (1 of 4)

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  1. 700 pop. sets up 4 starter bases without seeing 1 person. seems legit
    raids 2 bases. not 1 person shoes up. next to a monument. walks the loot home safely. lol seems legit

  2. You should duo with willjum but i don't know how it would work with you not having a mic

  3. Rustoria us main is the largest Server on rust


  5. giovanni giorgio the one you looted killed me once lol

  6. jackhammer guy went in like it was prom night

  7. this is ur music in the background?? Very viby bro, would love to collab on a song together ❤❤

  8. i have a question how u survive the bleeding at 07:10 ? lucky to stand up again?


  10. Борис Алексанжрович Я says:

    Эй!! Где следующее видео. Я жду!!!

  11. God fucking damnit. Your music hits hard. Especially this new song.

  12. Come on brotherrrr I know you got a new song I need it to drop!!!!!

  13. Am I the only person who thought tokyosrevenge (the rapper) and aloneintokyo were the same person

  14. What is the point playing wipe day other then getting scraps for bps

  15. 7:06 ; how did you survive that? You were bleeding 6 and on 3 hp and didn’t recycle anything for bandages ?!

  16. Rust 700 POP server: No problem. I got this.
    Warzone 700 POP server: Have you lost your damn mind?

  17. dude your videos are always awesome and just found out so is your music. keep on with the good work

  18. Me giving advice to someone as good as you would obviously just be absurd, but would it have been better to research and use the fire arrows you gained at launch site to destroy that TC? Much quieter, barely have to use any (I think 4) and very very cheap to research.

    Great player either way gg!

  19. just now noticed that the compound you stole the mini from is the same based that taunted's group code raided in his vid a weak ago

  20. fuck that.. i don't even attempt at playing on a high pop solo just because i already know I'm not getting anywhere

  21. My game has this wierd glitch where when you jump in someones compund they come and shoot you

  22. 10:27 I never thought of doing that with ladders when solo raiding, pretty smart

  23. 10:25 great little trick to not get snuck up on. I like it. Will use this.

  24. Can someone tell me why you put tc behind window? I'm new and I always just build my bases like the "grub" bases lol.. I figure if it gets raided, it get raided.

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