How I HUMILIATED a CLAN - a Rust Movie -

How I HUMILIATED a CLAN – a Rust Movie

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Taking down a annoying clan living on the naked beach – rust story

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So this actually all played out a few days after my last video ended on the same server as my latest video. In this video I was solo and I was going toe to toe with some of the biggest clans on the server even attempting to online raid one of them. But during this time there was one group that I never heard or saw. You see, because, while I had built up in the north by launch site and both the oil rigs at m18. They had built down in the south on the naked beach at g6. And with a group size of over 10 people. They ruled this area with an iron fist. Feeling unstoppable, feeling untouchable. So I took it upon myself to show this group that no matter how big your group and base is. No one is untouchable. This is how I humiliated a clan.



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  1. Such a cool intro man i love it bro Keep doing this

  2. you already know its going to be good when this song starts playing 41:00

  3. I remember some of the places in this video from other videos. 🤔

  4. I think iok mostly did everything in kills

  5. nice vid so far, one thing i'd recommend you do on movies is add better scene transferring, rn you're just going straight into the next clip without any smoothness into it.

  6. Determination and perseverance , good video , just shows no matter how big a clan is skills and experience always won

  7. Your videos are awesome and I don't think I'll change my mind about it ❤️

  8. Can u test the 3 pc's in your link in a populated server? whould be nice too se what im buying

  9. The 8 people who disliked were for sure the clan 🤣

  10. Absolutely love watching your videos! Total Chad!

  11. Wow very nice video 10k man, our flying skills are legendary!

  12. i was on this server some proper weirdos on there lol

  13. love the vid bro, cant wait to grind the server

  14. Crazy videos man I love them , what do you use to edit ? <3

  15. i would recommend not letting rust effect your sleep, thats a lil sad, good vid tho

  16. 14:52 I love how he just shows a clip of him stealing his friends boots LMFAO

  17. i played in this wipe the g6 was so toxic and annoyin the offline us like twice

  18. I think it would be better to add less music with a lower voice, it's a bit annoying if you have to lower the video volume every time there is a music rock and roll 😂

  19. Can we get a base build ? Even your solo base is cracked

  20. This guys Swedish accent is the best Swedish accent I've ever heard.

  21. Love how I was going to bed and then saw this video and the last one. Both well done and kept me up even tho I was about to sleep XD.
    Good work man 😀

  22. Great vid IOK, I swear ur channel is gonna explode very soon. Ur vids r getting better and better!!

  23. This guys officially my new favorite rust youtuber

  24. What base design do you use? Could you make a video on it?


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