How Did We Not Know This??? - RUST -

How Did We Not Know This??? – RUST

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With one more day to go before our tank battle the team loads up on supplies and builds their first ever rocket launcher!!!

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  1. Thnx apps for the "bluebee" lol keep it up guys

  2. We've been playing this game for months. How did we not know this.
    Cos we're fucking idiots I love it
    You you guys are, but your our idiots and we ❤️ you 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Just the opening scene of their base with WARNING PRO GAMERS scrawled on the side… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Omfg. I paused and just lost it. That's the show. 🤣🤣🤣

  4. I had intense flashbacks when I head Dora say "Muzzle awareness please" – I wasn't even holding anything and I seized up.

  5. "Warning: Pro Gamers"
    could have stopped watching there…LMAO.

  6. I guess that in this case, it really did take a rocket scientist to figure out that you can get pipes from road signs.

  7. I can't wait for god of war Ragnarok to come out so we can see appsro thick neebs Simon and everyone else play it like they did with god of war 4

  8. I understand you're probably using weapons for dramatic effect…but compound bows are way more effective taking out 'bluebies.' Headshot to start from further out than they can detect you and then one follow-up anywhere usually drops them.
    I rarely use weapons. All bow. Way cheaper ammo. 😀
    Loving the videos.

  9. Its nice not having Simon complain about stuff or ask how long something will be

  10. This is NOT the rust I have been playing! 😆

  11. 12:12 "I'm gonna eat your mushroom!" lmao Appsro says the darndest things

  12. it's a love hate relationship with Neebs Gaming.
    I love your shows and I hate it when I finally get caught up and have to wait a week out for a new episode 😅

  13. Thank you Neebs Gaming Corp for making another wonderful episode. Loved it

  14. Research medical syringes, best for heals. Pumpkins are great as well. Bandages are really only good to stop bleeding.

  15. Hey dude I'm trying to get some editing experience under my belt and I would really appreciate the opportunity to edit a few videos for you free of charge if I can use u as a reference

  16. Brilliant 👏 the ending had me rolling 🤣

  17. You didn't know you could get metal pipes from signs, but your sign says pro gamers 😜

  18. i didn't even know you could break those road signs!

  19. Just the pick me up this guy needed. How fun it must be producing these!? Thank you for making me laugh.

  20. "When you think of a quarry, I think of something a lot deeper."

    Unless it's a 'new' quarry.

  21. Appsro looking for sulfur reminded me of the Subnautica series for some reason lol.

  22. i wish i like can like this video 100k times XD OMG art!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I am going to start saying that "I just ate my mushrooms sucka!"

  24. Fun episode! The pipe thing was a great find in how it happened!

  25. Wanna eat my mushrooms…suckah,should be a shirt lol

  26. Hanging a bearskin rug on the wall is actually pretty normal, an you do in fact hang them head down because the head is heavy.

  27. dammit Anthony that exploding horse scared the poop outa me

  28. The best part about these guys is how they just blunder through these games most of the time without looking into guides on how to make things in the games. With that said the ending with them finding out they could get metal pipes from road signs was a hilarious epithany for us to watch and hear. Never stop your goofy ways you all, it is the reason why we love you goofy bastards.

  29. Hi all. Could somebody tell me what the background music is that starts playing around 12:20? It's probably been answered before but i can't find it. thanks

  30. Bulid a Rocket Launcher,
    Teset a Rocket Launcher,
    Explode a Pig,
    Gets more excited about the metal pipe discovery!

  31. The most hillbilly thing you guys have done in a while, love it!

  32. I loathe that I enjoy these episodes so much! Why can't you just be unentertaining and let me hate it in pieces?

  33. i would have told you about the pipe, but i didnt know either!! xD

  34. I mean it's cool to discover stuff yourself but please just watch one YouTube video

  35. Please make med syringes just a disclaimer for Appsro they look a bit like… no you'll figure it out

  36. Oh no! Season Finale???!!! This is my favorite series you have going. Great stuff!

  37. You know why it is called a kilt…because the last person that called it a skirt got kilt ! love from Scotland guys.

  38. I used to play rust with friends, who had been at it for years. Never once had I seen any of them take down a roadsign.

  39. i had to keep replaying the bear attack 🤣

  40. You killed a Carl? Really what the f*** it had to be a Carl thanks guys🤣

  41. Bind H to the button near your thumb on the mouse. you can hold it and drag over to pick up items or deposit in boxes.
    Love watching your stuff. -Travis

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