How a SOLO with 5000 HOURS handles FORCE WIPE! - Rust -

How a SOLO with 5000 HOURS handles FORCE WIPE! – Rust

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Allo boys and girls. Back again with another SOLO Rust video, in this video it was force wipe, so every solo, duo, clan you name it started off fresh at the coast with only a rock and a dream! We manage to snowball pretty well getting a box of guns and built a raid defendable base. But, it only took a couple of hours for the clans to build huge compounds and proceed to camp on top of them all day long. I hope you guys enjoy! ❤

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  2. It hurst that you never upgraded your door frames 😔

  3. this was the sever sinks was on with his clan on his new video lmao

  4. Amazing video man, keep going!
    Can you make a settings video? Your rust graphic look amazing ❤

  5. Can you tell me why your <Rust> looks different then my? For example colors?

  6. 28:90 pretty sure the dude on the roof had taken rockets out of the storage on the heli.

  7. If you press the middle loud button while hovering craftsables in your inventory it craft 5 {item}. Just for future reference to craft TC's faster.

  8. Stg watched this thinking it’s like a top tier YouTuber, ur so underrated

  9. You’re so underrated ,great video enjoyed it👍

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