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  1. Honestly was enjoying the number of headshots I kept hearing in a short period of time but also enjoyed your team just flat out enjoying there runs, especially with how well planned and exp'd you all were in it.
    That ending though, epic!

  2. Good to have your videos back mark. Keep up the good work man love every single one of your videos!

  3. Honestly you're one of the best out that plays like a real rust player. Taunted is legit.

  4. Loved the M2 clips. Absolutely sick recoil control

  5. Motion better make this into a vid he hasn’t uploaded in 2 months

  6. I hate this type of zerg , they r like so deep but all they did was offlining other base . If u play at sea official , theres so many zerg jst like them from korea n china , to mke it worse , they cheated too . I got offline twice in 1st 2 day of wipe this week by chinese group . So fking hte this type of zerg

  7. your advertising rip off gambling websites to probbly mostly kids thats kinda messed up man when ever i see stuff like this it makes me think this youtuber is so desperate for money u will screw over your views by trying to get them to go to a gambling websight so they can gamble there money away and getting kids gambling addiction nice one

  8. I got 5k hours but still kinda suck since i started rust i never imagined groups could do this.

  9. why do you complain about offlining when you legit offlined one group in this video? Kinda cringe

  10. one day ill have enough skill to be apart of these raids

  11. why are people using those door frames on the outside of their bases these days? and why arent they dropping doors in them for shits n grins and extra cover/ extra hit to a rocket?

  12. taunted is the kind of guy that wouldnt survive even the last day of wipe alone, but i still love his videos for some reason.

  13. That first base you guys raided had a bunch of extra high qual and the roof of main loot was sheet while the sides were hqm. Big brains

  14. this was my first time actually seeing a foundation wipe literally lmao

  15. Lol I was in the vid 20:54 in chat. U5 camped my body in the water and didnt let me on shore for like 40min

  16. Idk if I’m hyped on the game play or the background music lol

  17. In the raid more rockets were shot then 5.56 bullets

  18. Yo dope macro u can see it at 13:51 nonetheless it was a good video so idrc

  19. no hate,
    but like how u never added the part where we early game raided you at mill tunns, and wiped ur group 3 times off u trying to contest it.

    we were the mill tunns group u ghosted.
    should show what actually happened on wipe…
    good video though

  20. The aussie dude giving the "speech" is cringey as f

    Otherwise good video

  21. If you're legit, you're insane. I don't think you're sus really, just your spray is near perfect. Not like, doesn't move, but it's so controlled you hit moving targets. Quite impressive. Wont lie I watched a few kills on 0.25 lol. Nasty!

  22. That speech was on point. Even I got thrilled and cheered. Really good to see some of the best players go head to head against a Zerg

  23. Why y’all letting Remixx mr pocket rocket just leach? Fuck that kid ❤️

  24. I miss the good ol days of Rust when you could build sulfur quarries inside your compound and farm 400+ rockets by yourself on a Vanilla server and foundation wiping the fuck out of anyone that pissed you off lol This video reminded me of those days.

  25. Duuude…. Straight up evicticted them. No notice required.😂

  26. Can’t believe I haven’t seen ur vids before , glad I found a new rust homie to watch 🙂

  27. Welcome back, love your rust video, it brutal against AA6…they had no chance of survival. After foundation wipe a hated enemy best put a TC honey comb sheet metal/High Qua on the mid with whole day/week up keep and write a sign "Roof Camper Loser" or anything that telling other that this Clan deserve it.

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