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  1. What's the names of the music you used for this vid?

  2. you should put a wood barricade near the entrance to it

  3. You could rob a lot of people like this. >> Imagine planned towers on the route to safe zones to absorb the vulnerable.

  4. I dont know how you guys are able to continue playing rust the game has gotten so stale.

  5. Omfg hahahahaha no way brooooooo!!!! That’s me at 11:00 named mark. Well my streamer mode name was mark at the time, I literally remember raging after that and being so shocked at the trap cause I’d never seen it before. Then boom, no more than a week later, I find the fucking mastermind! Gg bro (we quit after dying to you)

  6. ik it wasnt but that mp5 almost looked scripted lmao

  7. @esftruth is always so damn clutch when he plays with you. He casually door peaks with custom: "tripled him"… What a Dave.

  8. Hey Jim do me a favor go farm up a start then hit an animal and sprint at outpost for me thx

  9. I remember dying to this trap while roaming full HQM-AK.

  10. I must have been unsubsc r ibed by yo tube lop I resub ribed

  11. Wait ppl dont know this?? Its been in the game for like 5 months

  12. 2:45 Swales watching Stimpee? Let's goo
    You're a man of culture

  13. that trap base idea is nearly as simple as Stimpee hiding in gas station with a DB

  14. Been watching you for a long time. Congratulations on 300k!!

  15. go to 16:43 and slow it down right as it cuts a frame or 2 early u can see someone named terri inside the rock 🙂

  16. Jesus loves you repent and believe onto Him and be saved from eternal punishment, amen, Jesus DIED + SUFFERED 4U on the cross! <3 <3 🙂

  17. bruh i was one of the victims lol, it was on stevius 2x. i was ItsDor but he didnt got the kill in the vid because i was naked

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