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Hidden Video Game Details #53 (Apex Legends, Call Of Duty Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption 2 & More)

Captain Eggcellent
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In todays episode we discover a heartbreaking story in Red Dead Redemption 2, we take playground flirting to the next level in Bully and we need to have a word with Isaac about his posture in Dead Space.

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  1. F for the dead guy on red dead redemption2

  2. Actually, Woods just fired regular shells out of that SPAS-12…

    The moment he gives it to Mason that the name changes to Dragon's Breath because it's Mason using the incendiary shells…

    Woods said it himself, "Here. SPAS-12, it'll hold your incendiaries."

  3. I got that encounter in red dead redemption 2 and i pushed the npc off the cliff and i laughed when he died

  4. In skate 3 if you push a guy multiple times he will become red and chase you around. Also you can hit people with your skate bored with a certain button Idk what it is though?

  5. Me who has the exact laptop thats sponsored in the video:
    I'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  6. In skate 3, tou can also antagonise people by using the shove button, and only women will taze you. Men on the other hand will chase you until they catch you or eventually lose interest.

  7. Not to be That guy but it is canon that Isaac's hunch is from him being a engineer for as long as he has like many many real life engineers

  8. Deadass laughed when he mentioned Isaacs posture in Dead Space. I always wondered why the hell and how he could just stand like that forever.

  9. "If you know of any cool interactions between legends and the guns please let me know"

    [Bangalore presenting her thesis and encyclopedia on weapons, attachments, armor and hopups]

    But also there's a interaction with Rampart and the new Rampage lmg. She made it and will happily let you know that

  10. For the rdr, it would be cool if you could give her his belongs and tell her what happened.

  11. Why is the mouse pad moved so far to the left???? I hate that when you want to move by pressing any button to move you might accidentally bump the mouse pad all tho I could just disable it until I'm done with the game

  12. In skate 3 you can tap lb and rb to "clobber" people

  13. I would have to say Red Dead would have been awesome if you would had to go look for her and tell her the bad news he didn't leave you he pass away

  14. “As hes terrified of monster come”


  15. Here us another neat little detail i noticed recently in apex with the 30-30
    if you fire and immediately reload before cycling the lever, you will actually put a round in the chamber

  16. when octane pings the R97, he says “R97 here, shes fast like me” and (from what i know) the R97 has the fastest fire rate in the game

  17. 7:20
    Didnt need to rack the pump, a shell is already in chamber.

  18. Says “so in Halo: Reach”
    Gameplay is actually Halo 3: ODST
    Everything is working as intended

  19. That red dead easteregg i found within 6 hours of my first time playing the game lol. Guess i’m hella lucky.

  20. 5:00 so basically like that Hidden blade Easter egg in Dying light?

  21. You probably already caught this while editing but you called halo 3 ODST halo reach,or maybe you did mean reach.Idk I think there was a cutscene like that.

  22. Has anyone forgotten of the COD:ghosts shotgun reloading? Holding each shell that needs to be reloaded

  23. In black ops Cold War’s campaign you can play as bell and occasionally Mason.When playing as Bell Russian sounds like English,but while playing as Mason Russian sounds like actual Russian.

  24. In Apex Legends when you are playing as Bloodhound pinging the Sentinel sniper rifle it will have a somewhat unique voiceline and also pinging the bocek bow as BH you'll get different voiceline as well.

  25. Petition for Rockstar to add a way to visit Mildred and deliver the bad news

  26. i like how he include Call Of Duty Black OPS

  27. Tᕼᗴ ᖇᗴTᖇO ᘜᗩᗰᗴ ᘔOᑎᗴ says:

    I'm not being rude but you don't look how you sound .

  28. In skate 3 you only get tazed by female npc… Males will chase you and push you over

  29. Seriously the Spas 12 with incendiary rounds was op

  30. Hey did anyone notice that in COD cold war in the mission Lubyanka the guy sited next to Imran Zakhaev
    Is familiar to the villan in the Steven Segal's movie under siege ( Idk 1 or 2 ) the one for train

  31. I think any legend interaction in Apex should be considered as detail, all are interesting

  32. One detail I’ve noticed which is cool is in darksiders 3 (spoilers ahead by the way) in the final boss battle Envy says that she does not envy Fury during the fight. Which is why she doesn’t use Fury’s whip as a weapon or have any characteristics that match Fury’s , as during the fight Envy uses a sword (War) a scythe (Death) and two guns (Strife) but has no attacks similar to that of Fury. I thought it was a pretty cool detail especially how Envy has pretty much seen Fury throughout the entire game and now no longer envy’s her

  33. Don't know if you've done this one already, but after some VERY persistent spamming of the clap emote in Satisfactory, there is a secret, and again VERY rare, naruto reference emote variation. If you have the patience and determination to feature this detail, I for one will be grateful because it is so cool. Here's a video showing the easter egg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt82AuDzPOw (It is shown at about 0:17)

  34. About Skate 3, there's more to that mechanic. If you terrorize a male NPC, instead of them pulling out a taser, they will chase after you, and attempt to knock you down.
    I always liked that detail, makes me chuckle as I run for my life.

  35. In the video, you have to watch a laptop being plugged. But a little known secret, is that if you use your finger, and fast forward past the sponsor section……you get this. 🤣🤣

  36. Jokes on you most of my early Christmas presents are my birthday present speaking of which my birthday is coming up in 2 days sweet

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