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Hands-on: Huawei Tron (Android video game console)

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  1. they really copy the ouya design with controller and fan underneath the console and its shape and on button. It's smart that huawei has its on market of games just in case Google discontinue them.

  2. i just found out about this console today smh…….too much game consoles

  3. does anyone know where i can buy one of these? ..aside from traveling abroad like to china.. anyone?

  4. Bad overview ..
    how many games that work on this ,, this is the most important Q ..
    from the video ,, it's not the best hardware and the gameplay is slow ,,
    Tegra 4 can't handle full HD big screens like madcatz mojo and shield ..

  5. Huawei Tron 2:
    Android 5.0 (64 bit) based OS with Tegra Erista, (Maxwell GPU) in 20nm with 2 SMM units aka 256 Cuda Cores and 4 Gbyte LPDDR4 with Quadchannel and 32 Gbyte + SDCard slot. 64 bit SoC with a Quad core with at least 2,5 GHz and I will sooooo buy this console. But! It has to be sold in the 1 H2015

  6. If its anymore than £100 or  $150 it will fail.If its not totally open source it will fail.They cant go wrong if its totally open therefor people can use it for any purposes -mini pc,game console,media box ect

  7. I have huawei smartphone and it`s much better than I expected , this chinese vendor is magnificent

  8. this is just for the future of android gaming I think

  9. The control of this chinese gaming console reasemble the xbox 360 and one control.

  10. I don't know why the OUYA controller gets so much hate? It feels very comfortable to me, probably more so than the XBONE controller. The only problem is that mine seems to have some of the mappings messed up, but I bought it second hand so problems like that are to be expected.

  11. I cannot find any information on this "Project K" game; is it even out yet?

  12. If this comes with K1 and it's possible to sideload the Play Store (which shouldn't be a problem, really), I might buy this at that price point, it looks much better than I expected.

  13. I've got it. Optical illusion but very impressive.

  14. Their that k1 in there and I'm a customer.

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