GTFO - Official Full Release Trailer (4K) | Game Awards 2021 -

GTFO – Official Full Release Trailer (4K) | Game Awards 2021

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GTFO is finally leaving early access and is available now! Check out the release trailer of this four player survival shooter from developer 10 Chambers.

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  1. Great- another FPS on top of the 300 hundred we already got the last couple of weeks.

  2. Don't sleep on this game, it's one of the best co-op experiences I've played.

  3. Man u know there won't be co-op. These devs don't learn kids are becoming brain dead over Fps/tps they just go solo and stick to the plan and just die.

  4. More jacksepticeye and markiplier and the gang videos please

  5. Yeah, not a fan of a bitchmade voice in the trailer.

  6. it looks like its advertised as a gun and run. But is MOST DEFINITELY the opposite. lol

  7. What u need to know: random generation of objectives/spawn points/maps. The levels get harder as you go. You work as a team or you die. It has incredible atmosphere and lighting. The game is insanely fun.

  8. Will there ever be a console version ? With cross-play ! That would be amazing 👌🏼

  9. Not gonna lie this game came and went, forgot it was even early access.

  10. when the zombies and monster start to Naruto-Running

  11. Shout out to the irish lad……games need more irish people

  12. 1+year to get matchmaking, no new content, i'll save you money, buy -Deep Rock Galactic- for less bucks and 1000% more content!

  13. do yourself a favor and dont miss out on this game, its hands down one of the best co-op experience ever. this game is hard af but its very very fun.

  14. Looks like what Aliens: Colonial Marines should have been.

  15. You have to have three other people to play with otherwise it’s impossible to play

  16. The narrator's weird Spanish accent makes this trailer even more disturbing.

  17. Since Almir Listo is involved, Comically Large Spoon melee in this when?

  18. First early access game that actually comes out of early access

  19. The whole game and discord is dead
    200 channels and not one person online

  20. To bad this game doesn’t have a real story, would be amazing if there was a story with cutscenes.

  21. Absolutely phenomenal. If you are thinking of getting this game, DO IT!

  22. The best coop FPS I've ever played. 25% off on Steam right now. Go. Get. This. Game.

  23. Goddamnit Hoxton, look what shitshow your got us now…

  24. Trailer gameplay: "No sudden moves, I'm so scared…"
    Actual gameplay: 4 dudes running around with frying pans

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