Gizmondo: The Worst-Selling Handheld Console Ever -

Gizmondo: The Worst-Selling Handheld Console Ever

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A deep dive into the infamous Gizmondo by Tiger Telematics from 2005! Its rapid rise and fall, the packaging, the games, and the odd legacy it leaves in its wake. May include wrecked Ferrari Enzos and melty rubber.

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Downtown Alley 2, Games In Color, Agua De Coco 4, Turtle Beach 3


  1. Thumbnail: quake seems like a cool game
    Me: wut

  2. switch oled ❌
    steam deck ❌
    2005 Gizmondo ✅✅✅

  3. How in the ever living heck did they fix that ferrari

  4. Ngl the images from the Gizmondo all look like very Nostalgic, they all look like taken from 2005 regardless of how modern the subject of the image is.

  5. Just waiting for someone to copy paste the bee movie script in the comments section after watching the ad

  6. 15:50 I hope you realize that you try to connect two different Bluetooth standards… it couldn’t have worked in the first place.

  7. Imagine making a console and naming It gizmondo😂

  8. It's sad, man! Too expensive and too hard to use!

  9. I love Ashville, NC. Always appreciate your photos of the area.

  10. Stefan Eriksson Will spend on rest of his life in prison I hope because the tiger Telematic Was declared bankruptcy They’re all finish

  11. Why does the gizmondo advertisment sound like the beginning of bee movie

  12. Seems like a perfect device for digital lomography.

  13. 27:16 Oof! That prototype Gizmondo’s model name definitely hasn’t aged too well, methinks. 😬

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