Gizmondo: The Worst-Selling Handheld Console Ever -

Gizmondo: The Worst-Selling Handheld Console Ever

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A deep dive into the infamous Gizmondo by Tiger Telematics from 2005! Its rapid rise and fall, the packaging, the games, and the odd legacy it leaves in its wake. May include wrecked Ferrari Enzos and melty rubber.

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Downtown Alley 2, Games In Color, Agua De Coco 4, Turtle Beach 3


  1. This could have worked, but the release was shoddy, the build was crap, and the CEO was shady

  2. Stefan walking away from that crash is proof to me that there is no god, or at least no god that gives a shit about us

  3. "when pressed down" for a dpad? try a rough draft first.

  4. Even back then it was hard to look past poor controls and bad screens. If you could live with a DPad and no Analog stick you had the DS, and that seems to just have been better in all ways.
    And if you wanted Media you waited for the PSP. I think many gamers, like me, really only wanted a portable gaing device at that point, and the extra stuff like camera and movies just bloated the device, the price, and hindered the development and the focus on the pure gaming experience. This is why the DS worked so good, it didn't need the extra fluff.
    Buy a thing, pay as little as possible (because you're probably a kid or younger and have little money) and then just play.

  5. All of these pictures look like they could be album covers for some indie band

  6. My sister sold gizmondos at the Henderson NV galleria, tiger still owes her a paycheck that never came in lmao.

  7. Oh, Gizmondo did The Bee Movie script first.

  8. GPS needs to download aiding data before it can track. Takes about 15 minutes via the GPS system. Internet enabled devices can download this data MUCH faster (like seconds).
    I work for a GPS tracking company.

  9. I always wanted one when I was a kid but yeah what a stupid kid I was

  10. The camera reminds me of watching footage on old VHS tapes.

  11. The games actually look incredible for the time

  12. The Gizmondo Isis – now that’s a name that haven’t aged well..

  13. The sad part is that it was a perfectly capable handheld and has the very best version of trailblazer on any platform.

  14. I loved playing true crime new York City when I was 18 years old

  15. I live in central america, Back in 2009 my father imported a car from the states via the website Copart, And somehow the previous owner of the car leave a Gizmondo in the car and well it arrive all the way here, gladly consider that somebody could have steal it, I remember saw the odd system in the glovebox and ask my father what the heck was that, and he told dont know but grab it if you want …..I used this for music Playback, This thing packed a punch for music playback compare to other devices of the era, Later I was able to get some games on this thing and I enjoyed playing a game Colorz was a good device for the time era too bad it didnt perform well on the sales area……

  16. I still want to play SSX on this thing….. I remember wanting this thing, but never more than a DS or PSP…

  17. I remember a kid in my high school had one and I was so confused because even at the time it came out it was considered a complete obscurity

  18. man, at least the N-Gage still exists in peoples minds for being so funny

  19. The photos look like they're from an old disposable camera.

  20. Wait a minute, was this the same Ferrari Gas Monkey bought?

  21. I'm not gonna be surprised if most Gizmondos were sold to ISIS

  22. Let's face it with this thing, it was doomed from the start. The majority of mobile gamers tend to be kids, and would you be giving a kid a £300 game console to carry around and forget somewhere?

  23. Wtf.?! I’m literally subscribed to this channel since there were a few thousand subs but yt keeps unsubbing me

  24. 27:16 Oof! That prototype Gizmondo’s model name definitely hasn’t aged too well, methinks. 😬

  25. Seems like a perfect device for digital lomography.

  26. Why does the gizmondo advertisment sound like the beginning of bee movie

  27. Stefan Eriksson Will spend on rest of his life in prison I hope because the tiger Telematic Was declared bankruptcy They’re all finish

  28. I love Ashville, NC. Always appreciate your photos of the area.

  29. It's sad, man! Too expensive and too hard to use!

  30. Imagine making a console and naming It gizmondo😂

  31. 15:50 I hope you realize that you try to connect two different Bluetooth standards… it couldn’t have worked in the first place.

  32. Just waiting for someone to copy paste the bee movie script in the comments section after watching the ad

  33. Ngl the images from the Gizmondo all look like very Nostalgic, they all look like taken from 2005 regardless of how modern the subject of the image is.

  34. How in the ever living heck did they fix that ferrari

  35. switch oled ❌
    steam deck ❌
    2005 Gizmondo ✅✅✅

  36. Thumbnail: quake seems like a cool game
    Me: wut

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