GeForce Powered Low Latency Rust SLO-MO Video -

GeForce Powered Low Latency Rust SLO-MO Video

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NVIDIA Reflex delivers the ultimate competitive advantage in Rust. This revolutionary suite of GPU, G-SYNC display, and software technologies that measure and reduce system latency in competitive games (a.k.a. click-to-display latency). NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency Mode is available in Rust in GeForce 900 Series GPUs and newer.

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System 1: 60Hz, Reflex OFF, 60 FPS, 82ms Average End to End System Latency
System 2: 60Hz, Reflex ON, 60 FPS, 51ms Average End to End System Latency
System 3: 144Hz, Reflex ON, 144 FPS, 20ms Average End to End System Latency

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See the first NVIDIA G-SYNC 360 Hz esports monitors:

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  1. Thats why we players with 50fps low latency off play with our IQ being tested predicting when they will show up and not trusting our eyes

  2. Why showing videos where you expect the bullet to impact INSTANTANEOUSLY? even if it fire without any delay using low latency techniques, a bullet should take time to travel to its target

  3. So this is why I suck so bad at CS 😂

  4. They finally listened and used 144Hz insted of 360Hz

  5. Oh, is this the same video again for the 1000th time, with not a single stock update video ? Great…

  6. Again nice video, rust is 8 year old game, but they still keep working on it, love it, thanks Nvidia

  7. hope that eventually all games will have nvidia reflex.

  8. Stop shaming your audience and the ESL Players and give us some useful stuff for god sakes, please.

  9. I have personally used Reflex+boost turned on while playing Fortnite and it works great. The 1st match I played after turning it on I went 13 kills and got the victory. I'm not even a fortnite player, seriously I have maybe 12 hours if I'm lucky in the game. The tech powering Nvidias GPUs is fantastic.

  10. Peope, don't get fooled. The better your cpu, ram, gpu the lower by default system latency is. Here they show that 60 fps no reflex has 82 latency, but 144hz.
    First of all, system lag is not SO HIGH. Its lower 10ms.
    Secondly, even without reflex system latebcy on pc which allows to play games at 144 fps will be low. So it doesn't really matter, is reflex enabled or not.
    Lastly, don't forget about your own latency as humam being.
    I have dozens of friends with top gpu and low end budget gpu who tried this thing. Reflex doesn't improve anything, infact, it adds stators especially in warzone

  11. is it weird that I don't trust this?
    feels like 100% just saying stuff to sell you products and 0% truth on how the tech works
    must be because I actually play rust and don't need more than a potato to get good kills 😂

  12. Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior nvidia reflex?

  13. I'll be the weird (possible the only) one in the bunch and utilize this while playing "Spyro" when I have to time the flight distance correctly in attempting to ignite the lighthouse beacons during time-trails. 😆


  14. Imagine if the pathetic PUBG devs could add Reflex and DLSS

  15. calibrate your perception then you're all good

  16. Interesting that the video excludes 144Hz with reflex off, isn't it?

  17. Can’t even buy 30’s series GPU’s for a normal price smh

  18. They just actually want you to buy Expensive Nvidia stuff for gaming.
    Nice advertising 👎

  19. I don't believe this is accurate. I saw test reviews where Reflex reduces latency by under 10 ms. That's still nice, but not what this video is claiming

  20. I LOVE how they act like it because of the reflex being on, and not the jump to 144hz.. Which is actually the reason of the improvement. If you want to be credible, use 144hz off also in your marketing material. Video's like this Just show me again and again you are trying to scam People into nvidia by leaving info out for the people with less basic knowledge to steer them towards nvidia. Very dirty and scumbaggy

  21. In true to life sniping you have to lead your target when firing on smoking tango. For games with true to life ballistics this is hardly a noticable problem. It is unrealistic to put crosshairs directly on a moving target and expect a hit.

  22. It seems everytime Nvidia releases a card it becomes unobtainium… Every series.. you would think they would…I dunno.. change SOMETHING. What good is any of this if only a small % actually has the cards you're releasing this for? What we should do is just not buy any of it and let the scalpers sit on it. OH WAIT THAT'S WHAT'S HAPPENING. #FkNvidia

  23. Lies, its all about ping… GPU isn't the problem in multiplayer games. Its all marketing while at the same time graphics cards are unbuyable with prices sky rocketed.

  24. So it works on 144hz and 240hz right? not only 360hz

  25. What graphics card that have & support this feature ? 😃

  26. imma be honest. i didnt think rust was this competitive


  28. Do they have this for BF5? Will they have it for BF6?

  29. you cant get 144 fps in rust anyways trash optimized game

  30. What is the difference between it on and on + boost? I know it boosts it obviously, but should I buy boost it? I have a 1650. Thank you in advance.

  31. We need 30W low profile RT 3030 with full NVENC and Nvidia broadcast support for non-gaming PC's, academic purposes (clean videocalls, screen recording, video encoding)

  32. why there is a white square every time i press click and can i use reflex mode with GeForce 1660 ti and ryzen 5? i have a monitor 144 Hz and a gaming mouse

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