Gaming PC or Next Gen Console? (Xbox Series X vs PS5 vs PC Gaming) #AD -

Gaming PC or Next Gen Console? (Xbox Series X vs PS5 vs PC Gaming) #AD

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Gaming PC or Console? The PS5 and Xbox Series X are here, so how do they stack up? PC Centric compares PC Gaming with consoles, in this PC vs PS5 vs Xbox Series X showdown! Is PC Gaming really better than console gaming?
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  1. Can I use 2 monitor on PS5 ? Splitting the image in dual monitor ?

  2. I'd wish I could become a PC gamer but I don't know anything about tech. There are so many things I don't understand.. Just the fact that you have to upgrade parts and drivers and research stuff. I don't even know what the heck is RGB on a computer. It's like taking a course before you get on with it, but I really want to get on PC gaming. Any help?? 🥺

  3. My ps4 pro is full of dust now… Because of my pc.. i have no time to play on console

  4. I built pc. Tired of waiting for ps5 and having to pay double if it is available.

  5. Finally got the money for a PS5. No PS5's to buy FML🤣

  6. Xbox, switching to PC after the console shortage and Xbox scamming fools out of $800😂 Decided to invest in something more flexible.

  7. Xbox Series X has superior GPU specs in every metric to decent GPUs like the rtx 2080 at a cheaper cost, so I'll stick with console for now.

  8. Xbox Series X
    Amd Ryzen 7 3700x (250$)
    Rtx 2080 ti (MUCH$)
    Samsung 980 pro 1tb (200$)
    4k Blu-ray Player (120$)
    And more things like Case and a psu etc
    Price 500$
    Good Value PC Not really but i like the PC

  9. I am gonna go to the Xbox series x because I just wanna play games at a budget with my brothers and friends

  10. Im switching back to pc for the only soul reason: ps5 costs 500 euros but a game costs 70euros, so after buying like 8 games you can buy another ps5… since i play more than 20 games a year, i will build a pc this saturday with rtx3070 for about 2500 euros, which will be much more powerful than a ps5 and ill still save money over a span of 4 years. No more ps+ cost and ill probably get most single player games on the net for free (cracked). Long story short, after 4years the ps5 will be lacking compared to a pc and instead of going 3 times a year on vacation, ill be going at least 5times and still have better graphics/ performance on my pc compared to a ps5 when im back 😀

  11. I didn't got Xbox just because i already have a Ryzen 5 3600 + GTX 1070 (Gotta upgrade that one) and i lack a proper TV to game on cause mine has 96ms latency and games like dying light are unbareable

  12. I buy consoles solely for collection purposes. I very rarely play my games and if i do i play exclusives like Shadow of the Colossus for PS3

  13. Pc all the way even though I am still stuck on a ps4

  14. Late to the video, but I believe in both. It may be more expensive, sure, but I love having a gaming PC and a Playstation. I will never see a need for an Xbox, cause everything that comes out on Xbox is available on PC (if you have a PC of course). PS5 has better exclusives in my opinion anyway, and it is a console that will be powerful enough for the next 4-5 years at least. If you love gaming and flexibility, go for PC first, and get a Play Station when you can afford it. All to say in a normal world where all of this stuff is even available for all of us.

  15. If I have game pass ultimate on Xbox one will I have it on pc if I login to my account?

  16. What gaming monitor and desktop do you have and could you name the price?

  17. I was looking it up and if you look at the top rated games on metacritic and there are only like 2 PC exclusives in the top 50 and like 20 console exclusives. So I feel like console titles are maybe better games?

  18. Do you have videos on first time PC users? I wanna buy/build a PC for the first time. The new gen of consoles aren't really convincing for me. Besides I already need a computer just in general, so why buy a console and a PC, when I could just buy a gaming PC.

  19. .one rtx 3080 can play any game at medium setting while mining eth ! ROI!

  20. Dude get off the couch and play with your dog. Its begging you! Dogs dont get as much time as us!

  21. Getting my first actual gaming PC. I switched from playstation to PC due to the shortage of PS5 consoles. What FPS would you expect out of a Ryzen 5600x and RX6700xt on warzone?

  22. Going along with Zom here getting 1st gaming pc(Evolve E1) just got tired of trying to get hands on ps5 steam is free and been wanting to go pc for awhile and Sony being douches really helped push me over the line! Sucks for Sony been with PlayStation sense 1995 till tomorrow(pc comes in)! Nice vid broham!

  23. If I have money I go gaming pc but I can't afford 🤷🏻‍♂️

  24. PC Master Race FTW…..& don't forget about crypto mining. You can't mine crypto on a ugly PS5 or a air conditioner Xbox X!

  25. pc’s are actuall way more expensive you will have to buy a and a keyboard and mouse if you want the pc to actually work but if its console you can buy a small tv

  26. It's not even the quality of the gameplay that I'm upset with on console. It's the game options I have. Everything I like is all on PC.

  27. Love tobuy a pre build…just one issue.. i want a optical drive in it but nope…none of the the rebuild have those. so annoying.

  28. I have a high end gaming pc and a ps5 and my pc gets more use. At least until sony starts dropping some actual good exclusives.

  29. Just ordered a 3080ti 5800x rig. I'm excited to see what this platform can do for me after being on the PlayStation platform my whole life.

  30. I ended up building a pc as i could get a series x and to be fare still can't. I've had my PC for 4 months now and i wouldn't go back

  31. yo whats the name of the pc

  32. You don't need to waste $70.00 on a brand new PS5 game. Just go to your local Gamestop store and buy the game "pre-owned". You have 7 days to play the game. If you like the game you keep it and accept the price you paid and usually with pre-owned games it's cheaper than new games but if you didn't liked the game from day 1 you can simply return the game and get your moneys back. Note: this only applies if you buy the physical version of the game not the digital so you need to have a PS5 that has a drive.

  33. Which pc is better than a ps5 or as good as the ps5 ?

  34. I mean well, I have a Switch and since it is not as powerful as these new generation gadgets that are coming out, I'm thinking about getting a Series S.

  35. So, total PC noob here. Been loyal to mostly Playstation besides starting with original Nintendo, and the random 360 elite. I do love the idea of customization and upgrade ability, but with new consoles coming out about every 5 years or so, do you think it makes financial sense to go PC when consoles are becoming such great equipment in these newer generations?

  36. If you love getting hands on and learning about software and tech, pc gaming and building is the way to go. Ive always been a tinkerer and thus have been interested in gaming PCs from a young age, just wasn’t able to afford one until early adulthood. Hilariously, as a child I remember trying to “game” with my mothers Dell office style desktop after being jealous that my rich friends were playing crisis on their Alienware desktops. What a horrible experience! Haha.

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