GAMES WE'VE BEEN PLAYING 9 - Happy Console Gamer -

GAMES WE’VE BEEN PLAYING 9 – Happy Console Gamer

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Kim and Johnny talk about the old and new games thye have been playing!

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Story of Seasons(Harvest Moon devs split from those that have the name a decade ago) and Rune Factory are dangerous. 90 hours in a normal JRPG sounds like forever but in simulation games that goes by in an instant lol. Same reason I love Shenmue. Each character in a village has it's own arc as well. Pioneers of Olive Town I am having a blast with. It's such a relaxing but rewarding series.

  2. I have been playing with the Pi 4 and 400. I put the Pi 4B 8GB in the Vilros keyboard/touchpad hub and switch the keyboard dongle to the Acute Angle PC from Ali-Express for Windows 10. I got the 8bitdo NES mouse from Ali-Express too. I switch that too for Windows. Retro Pi Berryboot is awesome. Been enjoying Resident Evil 2 for Dreamcast on it. Code Name Veronica too. Double Dragon Advance is great on it as well. I think Keyboard PC'S are back in style again!!!! I think you guys would like Miitopia IDK looks neat.

  3. Congrats on the little future console gamer! Keep up the great content 👍🤘

  4. God 8 years. It feels like yesterday that you two got married. Also that's definitely you! AlphaOmegaSin is on the right side!

  5. I feel so glad for you dude , it must be awesome to have a soulmate like you have found dude . not all men were so Lucky as you are .
    May God goes on blessing you three infinitely 🙏🙏🙏. I love your channel !

  6. I started replaying Dark souls 3. I still suck at it

  7. It seems that when you 2 do a video together, you seem to dress alike. Is this coincidence?

  8. 💏👫👨‍👩‍👧

  9. Really really hard recommendation to first play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 before Torna ~ The Golden Country. Just wanted to give a heads up about that. Good video btw! 🙂

  10. That is definitely Johhny is retro wrestling, really cool that they put you in the game

  11. I've been playing super Mario rpg and Yakuza 0

  12. I love that Kim's singular obsession with a single game at a time has become a running joke on the stream. It's extremely endearing especially coming from someone who can't stop changing games haha!

  13. You both make a really sweet couple. I wish my misses liked gaming. Damn, the arguments we've had over my gaming 🤦‍♂️

  14. its deff you, you can see the line and circle from the roy focker jacket.

  15. I’ve been watching my wife play Apex Legends every evening for a year straight! It’s like c’mon Babe can you play something else please!?!?!

  16. I was so happy when you picked The World Ends With You! Such an underrated gem! One of my favorite games!

  17. It literally is Harvest Moon! It's a remake of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town from the GBA.

  18. Great video guys I’m currently playing ac Valhalla on new Xbox over 100 hours in really enjoying it. Question for you demons souls or Spider-Man to play next ?

  19. This might be the cutest couple I’ve ever seen 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. You guys are so good together, congrats on your wedding anniversary 🎉🎉

  21. Lucky guy who married someone who enjoys video games

  22. The Altar Of Madness - Multimedia Reviews says:

    How you dealing with all the fascism in Canada right now? Heard its pretty crazy up there right now.

  23. For sure that’s you!
    PS I LOVE the red screen of death type of thing when you show it is awesome n hilarious

  24. Kim hasn't aged at all! Congrats you two 🙂 <3

  25. You can see AlphaOmegaSin in the top right corner.


  27. Haha, the Alien trailer music when zooming into your pixelated likeness. 😄

  28. Standing up for the games that you really like. Hardcore Kim!

  29. How the hell do y'all look younger than you did 10 years ago?. Wtf am I doing wrong in life?

  30. Lol is that the noise from the Prometheus trailer?

  31. Look at final fantasy they on their 16th. Final don't mean much in Japan XD

  32. "I have a feeling there will be animals in my future" KIm's ultra fast addition "Yep"

  33. Beyond my comprehension why you don't have more subscribers

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