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GAMES I AM PLAYING 13 – Happy Console Gamer

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Johnny talks about new and older games he has been playing on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and PS5

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Yes to Battle theme from Lost Odyssey as the background music! Currently playing it on Xbox 360, first time ever. Really enjoying it! 👏👏

  2. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who struggles with Skyward Sword.
    As for what I've been playing, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles on Switch. Beat both games and it was so much fun. I've been a fan of the Ace Attorney series for a while and these 2 games did absolutely not disappoint.
    I also played through and beat Neutopia on Turbografx-16 for the first time and it was amazing, I need to play the 2nd one soon. Probably doing that right after Tales of Arise in fact.
    A friend of mine was moving and looking to get rid of his NES and SNES stuff so I bought it, and among the handful of games was Panic Restaurant which I played through. That was a fun little game.

  3. I'm playing the Outer Worlds and CRSED both on Switch.

  4. I spent 40 hours on Skyward Sword, I've completed it.
    Hated it.

  5. Dragon Quest 11 😊and River City Girls 😎👍

  6. I have been playing Nioh 2, on PS5, and Tales of Phantasia, on GBA, while waiting for Tales of Arise.

  7. Ive been playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition on my PS5, and plan to get around to platinum Dark Souls 2. I platinumed Hades on August 23rd and I played the switch version first, absolutely amazing game

  8. I really enjoyed No More Heroes 3 even considering the technical flaws. But also Ghost of Tsushima Directors cut has been great! Had I played it last year I would’ve been right behind Hades as my personal game of the year for 2020

  9. I just finished Ys IX. The ending there really took me by surprise—I didn't think the game was about to end when I went into the final dungeon with only 82% map completion (and I'd been pretty thorough). I love the gifts and the way they change exploration, but the curse barriers made the experience feel stilted. Also just played 1993 Shenandoah through in a morning. That was quite a fun retro experience: really reminds me of old Amiga games.

  10. Totally with you on Skyward Sword. I'm going to start calling it Awkward Sword because that control mechanic for swinging the sword is too frustrating. 🙁
    But my life has been consumed by Dragon Quest XI the last few weeks.
    Your photos of Taloon are brilliant too btw. haha The one with him standing in front of the cave is my fave. 🙂

  11. Hey J, one game I am currently playing an excellent game called Tormented Souls on the playstation 5. A long awaited return to the classic ps1 style survival horror we've been begging for for a long long time. Are you aware of this game, and if so what are your thoughts. But if you havent I'd love for you and rob man to check it out and hear your thoughts on it since I know you both love traditional survival horror games from back in the day.

    Take it easy bud

    James, UK ( @sephirothgaming88 )

  12. I think streets of rage 4 is the best game of the year or ever in a while 🤘🤘

  13. I'm playing rainbow six siege why also cycling through ff13 again and also replaying tales of vesperia

  14. divinity original sin 2 is what i started yesterday. i have no clue how to play it but i like the voice acting.

  15. Have you played Baldo? Would like to hear your take on it.

  16. Switch had me a little bored so I went back to the 3ds… skyward sword never did it for me either

  17. Dragon quest on the switch goes wherever I do

  18. For me Xbox Game Pass is like a video game demo disc, I download a game I think I would like and if I do I buy it.

  19. Please check out Eastward on Switch. It released on 9/16. I'm loving the ost and the game is scratching an itch I didn't even know I had right now.

  20. Skyward Sword is ….well I enjoy the story and everything. But it took me about 2/3s of the game to get the controls down. I enjoyed it but probably won't play through a second time.

  21. Psychonauts 2 is seriously unbelievable. I’m not even done with the game and it is already one of my favorite games of all time. I know this because my jaw is on the floor every 5 minutes playing this game looking at the level design, the creativity, the…just “I can’t believe what is going on right now” factor that permeates this entire game. Game of the Year all day.

  22. I've been playing bfv gears 5 and rogue company

  23. My brother is the biggest Zelda fan I've ever known and he has told me many times that I would really like Skyward Sword. I've still never played it, mainly because I hate motion controls, but I may get it and give it a shot since it has a better control scheme now. I've loved almost every other Zelda game I've ever played so maybe I'd like Skyward Sword too. Like you though, I'm just not sure how I feel about it in general.

  24. Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Super Animal Royale. Guild Wars 2.

  25. Kinda playing nothing waiting for Diablo 2R to drop. Can't wait really so nothing else is satisfying right now.

  26. I played skyward sword on the switch and finished it but like you I hate the controls. It is by far the worst Zelda game I have ever played even after the switch remaster treatment it is still my least liked in the series. I am glad I purchased it and played it but I will never play it again.

    Great video by the way 🙂

  27. Skyward Sword and Dynamite Dux are the best games of all time, an 11 out of 10 games for sure. Anyway guys…

  28. Yakuza Like a Dragon, Final Fantasy 13, Madden 21.

  29. I am currently playing Zelda BOTW (again) and Astral Chain.

  30. I never played the first psychonauts either and I’m blown away by number 2

  31. Skyward Sword was the game that won me over to the Zelda series. Still haven't found a Zelda game that impresses me nearly as much. Oddly, the infra red controls aren't as precise as in some Motion Plus games that came out years earlier (e.g. Red Steel 2), but they still lend the game a level of depth and immersion that makes the old "press A to swing sword" feel about as interactive as a QTE game.

  32. for me skyward sword was a good game, but devoid of surprises and exploration, it felt very artificial with that control scheme. Every part of the game felt like pushing you forward in a very linear and obvious path, and the world itself felt like a bunch of isolated sandboxes. For those reasons I had always that feeling of it not being a truly memorable Zelda experience. That being said, the game on itself has very high production values, and the dungeon/puzzle design is probably among the best I've seen.

  33. Castlevania Advanced collection, Hollow Knight, Guilty Gear Strive

  34. Games I am playing at the moment Famicom Detective and Octopath on the switch and bloodborne and person 5 on the ps4

  35. Currently playing Tales Of Arise and loving it!

  36. I've been playing Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity on the Switch.

  37. Checkout the background music: from Lost Odyssey !

  38. Playing animal Crossing and no more hero's 3 and will be starting far cry 6 on ps5

  39. Is the music playing in the background the theme of the Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey???!!!!

  40. So I'm playing hades aswell. This is on my complete list….. I've beaten cuphead and valfaris…. I just can't shake rocket league. So many mechanics to learn and improve that I need to get back to playing to complete again.

  41. i am same way i never was a fan on rogue lite or whatever their called but hades and dead cells changed my outlook

  42. I also bought Skyward Sword as it's one I haven't really got to play or finish. I've had a hard time getting into it. Put about 8-10 hours into it and unfortunately I've put it aside. Maybe another time.

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