Games Console Microwave -

Games Console Microwave

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Furze’s invention show see’s your ideas get created, so in this episode we see Dan Ibstons idea of a Games console built in to a microwave door as waiting for things to cook should be a little more fun.

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  1. When he said his playing on a microwave his literally playing on A MICROWAVE

  2. Now this is what I call "HOT Selection" of games!

  3. Me and the boys playing the game in front of the microwave as our skin gets cancer :

  4. Sorry to point it out but you wrote the wrong “board”

  5. Make a microwave with small screen that you can play. Movies

  6. Never mind inventions, I want more recipes from whoever thought peanut butter onion was a good idea.

  7. Colinfurze can you show me how to make a dropping system

  8. Shame there was never a tutorial for this

  9. Gracias epik gays por el gran turismo en microondas

  10. Girls play games on their phone
    Boys play games on consoles
    Men play games on samsung smart fridges
    Legends play games on microwaves

  11. why are the cops in your driveway colin? what did you do?

  12. Can you make a chocolate milk dispenser on the front of the fridge rather than the boring old water dispenser?

  13. imagine like a playstaton4 being in there and burning ur food to play some more fortnite

  14. You should’ve done a hdmi cable inlet, so u can do PlayStation, or a gaming pc

  15. Can you make a chainsaw hand gauthlet

  16. Did you think about making it a product?

  17. Yes, board chefs…
    Was that a mistake or did you mean to write BOARD?

  18. Hey what about an unscratchable record or CD player?

  19. I've got one of those games. 50p off the local market. Ideal for testing AV equipment.

  20. I thought “board” was going to be pun of some sort. No, he just misspelled it. Love this guy.

  21. I want to purchase the Play-O-Wave!

    Get an adapter for hdmi to av. Plug in hdmi and av. Plug in hdmi to pc. Boom

  23. lol, he misspelled bored as board ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  24. when you can't be botherd to clean the microwave so you put an image of inside a clean microwave

  25. Colin don’t use some bootleg console you can plug in a wii

  26. where do you buy this console??

    i need it

    i want it

    i will buy it

    help me

  27. Sorry for the MASSIVE gap in uploads. So what a great idea this was and if you want to see something made stick it in the comments.So the last month i've been working on my book which is finished and ready for the final tweaks then off to printers for sept 7th launch. Thanks for sticking by in the gap but lets get on n make some weird stuff hahahah.

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