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GAME WE ARE PLAYING 14 – Happy Console Gamer

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Kim and Johnny talk about some games they have finished playing lately.

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Playing Ys origin on your recommendation, really enjoying it! About to finish the second character playthrough, the game really came alive for me upon starting the 2nd one

  2. I've taken a break from Bravely Default to go through the new demo of Deltarune. I've really enjoyed the creativity going on in that game, especially the ways the enemies attack.

  3. Been re-playing GTA4 for the nostalgia itch and also Miles Morales on PS5! finally got one, so pumped

  4. I've been playing Cruis'n Blast on Switch and man what a good port, I've played the arcade cabinet and it's one of the best arcade ports on a home console I've ever seen

  5. Just finished Bound for PS4. Got a PS Now account and just checking out games to see what I may want. Also been playing Enslaved Odyssey to the West on PS4.

  6. I just played through an overhead stealth game called UnMetal which is an awesome Metal Gear parody. Completely hilarious.

  7. i'm playing ys origin, my first crack at an ys game and i'm absolutely loving it

  8. I loved Death Stranding. I spent hours building connecting ziplines, so you could ace most deliveries in a short time frame.

  9. I’m waiting to hopefully get my hand on Switch OLED and play Dread and bunch other games

  10. Right now I'm playing Ganbare Goemon for the Famicom!

  11. I've been working on maintaining my backlog to a more manageable number for quite some time. But I'm currently playing Pokemon Moon, Skyward Sword and Atelier Rorona

  12. Put away standard Persona 5 a long time ago but bought the royal at the sale now so will be starting that soon. Hyped for Battlefield 2042 as well and gonna give Insurgency: sandstorm a shot as it looks perfect:)

  13. Lost Judgment has had almost the entirety of my attention for the last week!

  14. Dragon Quest! Yeeeeeeeeeeeah! How do you two find the time to game your hearts out, baby and all? I’m having a very hard time with a tot of my own. Dragon Quest is the only series that I find forgiving of a busy family life.

  15. You must play final fantasy xiv for para he story. I know what happened with xi but you must give it a try

  16. I've been playing a 20 year old gamecube game called Super Smash Bros Melee.

  17. I am playing Dragon Quest 11 and loving it. I also want to thank you HCG for turning me on to the Y's and Dragon Quest series. I finished Lacrimosa of Dana and loved it. Going to try some of the others in the series. BTW, another great video…

  18. Deathloop, Rise of Tomb Raider, Shadow of Tomb Raider and Rocket League for a lil online gameplay, or CS:GO.

  19. Recently beat Persona 4 Golden. Might do a NG+ for a little while before Metroid dread comes out this Friday

  20. "don't forget me, father" absolutely killed me

  21. Been playing shadowverse champion's battle on my switch, borderlands 3 with a friend online with ps4 and mega man x dive on mobile.

  22. Just beat Kingdom Hearts 2 for the first time, finishing the side content, then I'll move onto Birth by Sleep. And people aren't kidding when they say this series gets convoluted. Reading the in-game documents just makes it worse! It's still fairly comprehensible, but there are some peculiar concepts that need further explanation.

  23. have been playing fightn rage, great belt scroller, everyone should give it a look!

  24. Smt3, nmh3 and spider solitare from club house games. So addicted to that,

  25. Monster Hunter Rise has been my main game last month. Really solid!

  26. Since Ghost of Tsushima was released closer to the launch of the PS5, I just waited because I knew it, along with others, would end up getting a PS5 version. Glad I waited because I got to experience the game at its best the first time around. 🙂

    Currently playing Earth Defense Force 5 and trying to get better at Guilty Gear Strive. lol

  27. I really love the original Dragon Quest in its updated form. I feel like the phone is the way to play that game though. It hurts me when people sit down to play it as though it is a council game. It’s really a game you need to play on the go and in the bathroom.

  28. I’ve been playing Neo: The World Ends with You. It’s been a great game so far.

  29. I just got a Sega-CD and Genesis up and running, after some repairs to the disc drive. I finished a favorite of mine, Lunar: The Silver Star for the first time in ~20 years, and am playing Vay, an RPG I missed out on, next. Pretty excited.

  30. I'm half way through Mother 1 and I'm almost finished mother 3, I also 100% banjo kazooie and starting tooie with that goal.

  31. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is incredible and already excited for a 2nd playthrough, but first, Metroid hype!!!

  32. Wait a minute… where is the famous jacket you always wear?
    Btw, I’m playing The Surge 1, Marvels Avengers and Fire Emblem Warriors

  33. I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV. Gotta get ready for Endwalker next month!

  34. recently finish Ys 9 and before it was smt nocturne, so now i'm playing a really simple game witch spring 3 while waiting for metroid dread

  35. My top 3 all timers right now are Persona 5/Royal, Resident Evil 4 and The Last of Us 2

  36. Shadowhearts, resident evil ds and dragon age origins… again

  37. Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV and Earth Defense Force 4.1

  38. I've been playing my first Monster Hunter game rise I'm focusing on that even though I left Persona 5 on the back burner for years after beating the first dungeon

  39. Johnny if you read this comment I know you probably don't play yakuza games much I think you said you didn't get into the series as much but please man play Judgment. I'd love to hear what you think of that story cuz it literally blew me away

  40. Tales of arise and currently I'm addicted to new world

  41. I wish I enjoyed Dragon Quest. I started with DQ XI and it’s just so easy. I get the story is part of the joy, but there is so much face rolling combat, I feel with some difficulty, it would have been fun. (I also know about the added feature to make mobs stronger, but that felt like a difficulty just to add length to a game not well designed to begin with)

  42. I'm playing Hades, Ni no Kuni and replaying Dead Space 2

  43. you're a lucky guy to have a wife that respects what you enjoy.

  44. Flynn: Son of Crimson felt nice to play, and rewarding when beating bosses after finding out their stupid patterns. 🙂

    Im really been trying to get into Game Pass indies more.

    Cant wait for the Dragon Quest Ranking video.

  45. Just started astral chain. About 7 hours in and I'm enjoying it more than I thought i would. Also finished the story in my hero one's justice 2.

  46. I'm playing Circle of the Moon on the Advance Collection for the Switch. I tried playing it blind, but I got stuck so I used a walkthrough. Im debating on whether or not I should continue using the walkthrough, but now this fear of missing stuff exists. Should I just say "ef it" and just enjoy the game?

  47. For me playing ys origin and bloodstained curse of the moon 1 never played it and just got bloodstained curse of the moon 2 from limited run games

  48. I just finished Symphony of the Night and just started Chrono Trigger.

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