Game Boy Advance on Virtual Console - April 2014 (Wii U) -

Game Boy Advance on Virtual Console – April 2014 (Wii U)

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Take a look at some of the Game Boy Advance games coming to Wii U Virtual Console in April 2014.

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  1. Cynius - Canal detenido permanentemente says:

    What's about the multiplayer mode? I remember in my childhood when I played Metroid or the Sonic Games with my friends, We really spent a lot of time. There should be a way to play with your friends. I really hope it.

  2. If there is gamecube games for the wiiu, im buying it. Have pokemon sapphire, ruby, and emerald downloadable.

  3. what is the name form the music

  4. I find this to be extremely retarded. For one; why put out gba games on the WIIU shouldn't it be for the 3ds? For two; why do they put something that holds so little memory on the wii u?? They can put GameCube games here!!! For three; if they want to this, where's freakin mother 3? Fzero climax???

  5. If this is how many games that will come out every 6 months then what's the point

  6. I hope Megaman Battle Network makes it, now those were iconic classics.

  7. I don't think Nintendo of America made as big a deal of this as Nintendo of UK did.. wish they had though.

    They forgot to mention the screen filter option i think.
    I LOVE that option.. i wish they would add it to the other 2 consoles with an update…

  8. Mother 3, Nintendo, Make it happen and IT'S DAY ONE FOR ME.

  9. Please bring it back to the 3ds & 2ds 👾🎮👾🎮👾🎮👾🎮👾🎮

  10. This is like a slap in our faces, we have been waiting for them to release gba games to 3ds and then they do it on wii u!

  11. I mean NNNNOOOO!!!!! I HATE WII U!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Now I'm just wondering if this will be released in the states?

  13. Why doesn't Nintendo just put GBA games on 3DS? Wouldn't that make more sense than releasing them on Wii U? Don't get me wrong I like the Wii U, but Game Boy Advance is a handheld so would it make more sense just to release retro handheld games on a modern handheld?

  14. to this day still waiting for super star saga to be on the 3DS

  15. I want the sonic advance series to be in the gba virtual console

  16. I'd love to get handheld VC games for my 3DS and home console VC games for my Wii U.

  17. When are we getting n64 native on the Wii u. I wanna play Mario 64 on my wii u gamepad so much

  18. Why is super mario advance 2 is currently for jpn wheres the north american release?

  19. i think i know why this is gameboy advenace is like an old wii u and the wii u is like a younger gameboy advance

  20. When is Sonic Advance gonna have an international release on the Virtual Console?

  21. Pokemon Fire red or leaf green Plz… And Pokemon ruby and sapphire… And emerald.

  22. GBA games should be on the 3DS,
    not the Wii U.

  23. I think GBA games shouldn't be in Wii U, just like I think NES games should be on the Nintendo 3DS, but that's just my honest opinion.

  24. Wait I don't have a Wii U, if I buy one, I can get Metroid Fusion on it? Or did this never happen? If so does anyone know how much it is?

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