FREE Wargaming GIFTS! World of Tanks Console Update News! -

FREE Wargaming GIFTS! World of Tanks Console Update News!

Eclipse – World Of Tanks
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World of tanks console update news about the new free tank in wot console update 7.0. A look at how the wot news and new update in wot ps4 and wot xbox one will be next week in this world of tanks news update series that I do for each update!

This world of tanks news video in particular looks at the free Yazi tank earn operation and the new update challenges for free skins and more in world of tanks ps4 and xbox one consoles. Checkout more world of tanks videos in the playlist below looking at update news, gameplay and more!

I regularly upload wot news and update news videos talking about console world of tanks ps4, ps5, xbox one and xbox series x wot versions! I also upload wot console gameplay, wot guides and more for this free tank game by wargaming console!

Eclipse – World of Tanks Console Channel – Wot Console News

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00:00 – Wot Console News Intro
00:20 – New Premium Tank
05:12 – FREE Premium Tank EARN
11:04 – Other Wot EVENTS!


  1. I stopped playing WoT console I'm playing the PC version instead. I conquered it and blitz. I got good on all of them. With my 2 mark of excellence on all my tier 10. I've had 8k damage games. I regularly get 4k or more damage in each game. I think it's time to move on. Not a good bye just need some more competitive

  2. I would really not buy M4A1 FL 10, beacuse, there is no stat where this tank would overcome other tanks. It is much better standard amx 13 75, it has same autoloader, but it is much faster and smaller and there is almost no difference in armor, so except earnings or having it as collector's item, there is no reason to buy it.

  3. Very nice challenge to get yazi, but when you were doing your quick reviews on tanks, you omit penetration, which is very important and I think we would be happy if you evaluate it.

  4. I bought the m4a1 fl10 as I have it on pc and really enjoy it.
    It's a real tank by the way and either the stats are wrong or they buffed it b4 putting in the game. Or maybe the hidden stats? Acc v good, int clip reload fast.
    Nothing like the French lights it's just a fun tank. Although iv had mainly 8 games.
    Great video 👍

  5. When I grinded for the scorpion I used my boosters and the game allowed me to use them towards the xp

  6. Ive generally had a pleasant time in the tank. It would be top tier if it had a bit more gun depression.
    I have the best results on hills where I dont have enough depression, I can bait bounced shots then pop over the hill and slap em for an easy 400 then retreat back before they can get another off.
    If only this thing had a good 8 degrees..

  7. The British Jackal M4A4 FL10 is the tier 7 version of the M4A1 FL10.

  8. Which bundel of the premiumtanks are good this week? I missed that Info this time🤔

  9. They sort of nerfed the M4A1 FL10 in the soft stats which is a little sad to see, still probably woundn't take it over something like the STRV M/42-57 at the same tier for 3,700 gold. And the Yazi is well worth the time investment to earn, decent silver earning from the high alpha and pen.

  10. Dude where do you get free it's not free you have to earn it please free Means here This is yours And you don't have to do nothing to get it that's free these are not free

  11. M4a1 fl10 is just the same as the jackel m4a4

  12. Any news on the rebalance of the Swedish TDs?

  13. I love Yazi, i have it from trade in, but i am not happy WG is giving too much free tanks for nothing, again this season and ops are crazy …

  14. I have the Yazi. Sure is great…in certain situations. Its aiming circle blooms like a nuke, the accuracy on paper is ok but in game it can really disappoint, and for some reason it struggles really hard to penetrate enemies eventhough it has great penetration…on paper. The thing that really shines about the Yazi is its speed. You turn like a tank destroyer on steroids and get in positions fast. Hope everyone is able to make this TD work. See you on the battlefield!

  15. Looking forward to earning the Yazi. Thanks for another great video Eclipse!

  16. Im just pissed that they give away tanks I bought a long time ago and when I “earn them” they dont give me a gold equivalent to compensate me for basically paying for a free tank. Like even 1k gold would be enough for me, but damn. WG just doesn’t care about any of their loyal players.

  17. Hey eclipse, have you got any idea if the yoh tanks are coming to console and if they are do you know when? Great video btw 👍

  18. I know on the scorpion g the boosters worked I got it really quick using 5xo boosters grinding tech tree tanks

  19. Live-stream happening anytime soon mate, i would like to see you grind a new line ? @EclipseWorldOfTanks

  20. Has anyone noticed that wargaming has been giving out alot of free tanks recently or is it just me? I'm thinking that there just trying to butter us up and make us forget about the horrible thing they did to our game almost a year ago, the wwe shit was actually better than 6.0 tbh, I want 2016 or 2018 world of tanks back.

  21. For earn ops, i like exp earning over points system as you still get rewarded even if you have bad games. Also cannot wait to see 3 powerful tds in matchmaker as a result. Fl 10 is funny as it is a tier down from the jackal. 25% discount for it is over 10000 gold will try to earn it for free but might buy at 75%.

  22. I can confirm xp boosters go towards the earn op but only use them in the later stages because if u go over it doesn’t carry over. Use a x2 at the beginning stages then use x3 x5 in the later

  23. Great job wargaming!!! Giving away for free what it costs me 50 dollars months ago 🤨😤

  24. Where's your resentment video? How bad this game is

  25. The fl10 is just a Jackal at a different tier. It's trash. Not worth the money.

  26. I really hate it in your gotcha title FREE GIFTS plural with a picture of two tanks, one of which is a premium purchase. You know if you put free tankssss it is click bait unless those in the image are actually both free. Right? So please dont put free tankS with image of TWO, and then introduce one thats a premium purchase only. They will have it as a screen background for a week or two. Plus it's just wrong. How about an image of the free to earn tank destroyer with title new tank destroter you can earn, and new premium out for sale?

  27. I believe you are mistaken. I am NOT seeing daily 2x XP being applied toward the EASTERN SNIPER Challenge.

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