Forza Horizon 5: Every Xbox Version Tested - Xbox Series S/X vs Xbox One S/X! -

Forza Horizon 5: Every Xbox Version Tested – Xbox Series S/X vs Xbox One S/X!

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Forza Horizon 5 makes a grand statement, delivering a level of fidelity worth of next generation console hardware. And yet Playground Games also has this game running on Xbox One X and even Xbox One – how?! Rich visited Playground for some answers, then put together this extensive cross-platform comparison. Every version and every mode tested – six different rendition of Forza Horizon 5 in total!

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  1. can't wait to play this on my Xbox One S! 😀

  2. Hi Digital Foundry, for a year in review, can you do an episode if the Xbox next gen feature claims are indeed as good as they advertised or if they are even being used. This includes the Velocity Architecture, Direct Storage, BCPack compression, Sampler Feedback Streaming, etc.

  3. Jesus Christ, Playground did something completely out of this world. Amazing work, really flawless.

  4. Choosing 30fps over 60fps that crazy talk 😹😹😹

  5. Perfect showcase for all Xbox hardware from the last eight years, amazing.

  6. What I loved about FH4 was that we were finally away from exotic locations, jungle locations, and all the usual seen-it-all-before locations. We were in a real location, GB, and it looked superb.
    But now, we are back to boring exotic locations, again, sigh. Why couldn't they have gone with a real European location ? I love driving on real roads, and through real cities, and villages. I am fed up with driving through jungles, and vegetation. It's BORING.

  7. this game well optimized and should be example for other companys

  8. I can’t wait till they do fable well I mean I can’t wait till playground games makes fable that will be a awesome game

  9. Yeah it’s a pretty noticeable difference between the series X and the one S series X definitely looks amazing

  10. Wish that was the same on PC.
    Textures are popping really close to the camera and there is some really strong aliasing at native resolution.

    Also LOD issues, everything a bit into the distance just look like a 10 years old game.
    And that's with everything on ultra and at native resolution.

    Such a shame…but at least it got solid FPS I guess…

  11. wich xbox should I buy for this game? I think one s would be a great decision but what y'all think?

  12. If it looks this good on the base xbox one then where has all the power gone on the series x version

  13. Uh huh. First party studios tend to master hardware – TEAM 10 takes steps it up doing for FIVE machines. Masterwork!

  14. I think I prefer performance mode myself as I feel the judder is a tad intrusive on quality mode. I seem to place higher in races at 60fps.
    shame really, Rich and you amazing DF guys can you push for a resolution drop to say 1440p and enable/disable blur toggle to see if the devs can hit 60 with more of the graphical enhancements in quality mode?

    Pretty please with a cherry on top?

    Can people please like my comment to show solidarity in getting a third mode on series X?

    Thanks viewers.

  15. I’d like a “head look” ability in this game… it’s the first game with a cockpit view I’ve played in a long time that’s missing that simple feature.

  16. Quality mode just doesn't do it for me. Performance mode on Series X

  17. if you play the game on a xbox series x on quality mode, on a 1080p screen, what resolution will the console output?

  18. if you play the game on a xbox series x on quality mode, on a 1080p screen, what resolution will the console output?

  19. They should remove the Logo optimized for Series X | S because it is the same as the Fh4 for One X. Even the FH4 optimized for the new generation is much better (Quality / 60fps)

  20. I'm glad we base Xbox One owners haven't been left behind. Great work here.

  21. Glad to see the Xbone holding it's own, just proves if the software is optimized enough that it could look amazing even on the base hardware, definitely picking this up for my One S, no real reason to upgrade to next gen yet at all for me.

  22. Buying a brand new 4k tv in 2 days was playing on series S performance mode on a 1080p tv. Going to jump to quality mode with the new tv to really feel that jump

  23. the fact that the game runs on Xbox one so flawlessly means it was developed for it initially and then given a slight resolution boost for the other versions of Xbox.

  24. Does it piss anyone else off series x doesn't have a 1080 mode? I feel there is alot of wasted horse power catering to the 4k crowd.this game should run 60fps all bells and whistles at 1080 but it doesn't.only 4k 30

  25. why could we not get a performance mode on the xbox one x

  26. This is a reverse card compared to Cyberpunk 2077, how we wish that game launched; rock solid performance in EVERY platform at all times. A major technical achievement and the new gold standard of cross-gen video game every AAA game developers must follow from now on.

  27. Amazing work from you guys at DF! Thank you! That look at the multi-system-setup at Playground was very interesting to see!

  28. "You can see how the motion blur on the series X is superior to the one s…" No I can't, I watch paused, and in motion, it's just blur, needs less of that, more anisotropic filtering.

  29. As much as I love FH5 – and it is impressive – I can't help but wonder about two things:
    1. Is the new console generation really just only a tiny bit better than the old one?
    2. If not, what could Playground have done with the game, if they could have 100% concentrated on Series X (and S)?

    I know that especially visual fidelity has reached a high point and the graphical steps are not as big as they used to be. But if I compare the Xbox One and 360 versions of Forza Horizon 2, they look like completely different games. Truly a generational leap between them. Back then a new console really meant a new gaming experience. Today it's mostly slightly better textures and 60fps – if even that. Most of the time we have to choose if we want the best looks or a playable framerate.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love playing on consoles and many games still impress me today. But being someone who started playing on the NES when I was 6, I fondly look back on being stunned by every new console generation and what they could do.

    Sometimes I miss that.

  30. Dunno why people care about how it looks? Its a racing game, racing is about fps no one cares how it looks going 200km/h ^^

  31. Series X Perf mode is my mode of play when I'm too lazy to wait for loading times on PC. If PC is already on and ready, then it's best of all worlds there! Awesome game and I can't help but think they'll use this engine or something similar, and tweak it for the next Fable game. Can't wait for that in the hands of Playground Games!

  32. Imagine this engine running Fable. You look into the vistas and can't help but think that Fable will be like BOTW on Xbox graphics! Awesome stuff!

  33. been enjoying the game on pc but more recently and more frequently i keep having crashes and disconnects

  34. Honestly in motion and sat 8ft away from my TV I don't notice any difference. I'll probably notice a difference in 4k on my pc though.

  35. I usually don’t play anything in 30fps but I’m actually preferring this at the Quality 30 FPS mode on Series X. It looks gorgeous and the blur adds to the sense of speed 👌

  36. Gonna try the RT in game mod for PC and see how much it hits performance on the 3090

  37. 4K maxed out with ray tracing and everything set to ultra/extreme on PC on an RTX3080TI and AMD 5900X this runs flawlessly at 120fps solid with very few dips to 100-110. HDR looks a lil odd on Windows but other than that, nice job.

  38. I can confirm, Xbox One X with an internal SDD have drastically less loading times. 12 seconds in the first opening transition and 9 seconds in the second one.

  39. Richard you are amazing. That is all, carry on

  40. On XBOX ONE X limited to 30FPS. It has more power than the Series S. The performance mode (60fps) in FULLHD is possible without problems. This can be seen in the quality mode on Seres S (1440p30 vs 4k30 on One X). Microsoft did it on purpose and with ill will. Unfair and trying to force you to buy a new console. I was counting on DF with these practices.

  41. I just boght One S for 70eur and I literally don't feel so bad anymore :))

  42. The fact that the Series S is running games below 1080p and struggling to hold 60fps in some titles this early on isn't very reassuring, i thought they would have been better than what they are, be much better of saving up and buying a Series X.

  43. I'd much rather play a racing game at 60FPS, i find games unplayable at 30FPS, i just can't do it anymore. Surely this guy has a PC more than capable of running this game at 4k ultra settings, I'd say that's the best way to play, no doubt.

  44. Is performance mode available One X, like Horizon 4?

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