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Flea Market Flippin – RETRO Consoles, RETRO games! – Live Video Game Hunting

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Flea Market Flippin – RETRO Consoles, RETRO games! – Live Video Game Hunting

The season is heating up in more ways than one! Seeing lots of retro stuff as well as gen 6 and newer and we’re prepared to make some purchases. What did I find this week? Let’s take a look!

Flea Market Flippin – RETRO Consoles, RETRO games! – Live Video Game Hunting

Capcom’s MVP Football – Super Nintendo
Troy Aikman NFL Football – Super Nintendo

Flea Market Flippin – RETRO Consoles, RETRO games! – Live Video Game Hunting


  1. How did you like today’s episode! And what are YOU finding on your hunts this week? Comment below and don’t forget to like 👍 and subscribe to the channel!!

  2. Oh damn these videos are like hot cakes, can't never get enough

  3. Awesome video Mur. The soldering gig had me cracking up! lol! oh yeah use the green sticks.👍

  4. You’ve been knocking it out of the park with these great deals! Hope it continues on the next one

  5. I hated Troy Aikman football more than I hate the Cowboys!

  6. These vids keep getting better and better! Great grabs!👾🚀 Great work! Absolutely Pro!

  7. Nice! What flea market was this again? I haven’t been able to go much since the Newnan tornado wrecked me and forced me to sell most of my collection. 🙁

  8. Nice pickups! Soldering a Snes lol! I would use the green thumbsticks fir the 360 controller! Great video and keep up the good work!

  9. Wow! You’re haggling ability is top notch!
    I suck at it….probably cause I’m Canadian and a girl I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings 😆
    Also I see you have “Devil’s Island” playing in the background…..that game can go f@ck itself lol. Stuck at 8-2 and can’t beat it. Great video!

  10. Always love the show didn’t know 360 controllers were selling for that much loose sitting on box of them maybe time to let loose.

  11. Man, the way that guy just didn't want to budge on anything–the SNES mini, the controllers… Your patience astounds!

  12. Had my best day in a while today at my local thrift shop. They wheeled out a cart with a bunch of PS2 games including Def Jam Fight for NY, Suikoden Tactics, Wild Arms 3, Front Mission 4, and more, all for $2.99 each!

  13. Quick question do you cut your videos up into different videos cause I recognize the sky landers imaginations from
    A couple videos ago

  14. Today's episode was pretty awesome! Was at a thrift shop the other day and found a bunch of GameCube games one of which was legend of Zelda wind waker and another one in that lot was eternal darkness. $7 each done!

  15. Nice play on that Nintendo. I do a little flippin here and there but I can def learn a thing or two from watching you in action. Cheers.

  16. I LOVE that you are cheap! Keep it frugal it adds to the entertainment the bartering.

  17. Yo great vid man I said 7 in my head for the controllers knowing that I wouldn’t mind paying 10 great minds think alike . We need more content the way you set up the videos explaining your thoughts as we watch makes it a lot better to watch

  18. Xbox green for the thumb sticks! It makes sense lol.

  19. love your videos… im into reselling also

  20. I like yellow sticks but green will sell faster probably

  21. You’re a legend my man been watching you for a while thanks for all the great content so many great people on YouTube finding great retro

  22. Really nice to see some of the 16 bit retro stuff! Don't get to see that very often. I didn't even recognize the mini SNES. I thought it was one of the clone consoles at first glance. Nice pickups.

  23. I like how you don't take the asking price as it never hurts to ask. Go with the yellow buttons will pop out the colors and make it more attractive to sell. Rally enjoying the series

  24. Another great video. Yeet haggling. Green is my vote.

  25. Great video dude! Glad you found those Xbox controllers!

  26. I appreciate the art of the haggle. I've never been good at that. I tend to just pay what they ask for.

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