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Flea Market Flippin’ – $2 Game Day! – Live Video Game Hunting

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Flea Market Flippin’ – $2 Game Day! – Live Video Game Hunting

Just another day at the office, but what’s in store for us today? I’m hunting games for mega trade credit at Gamestop this week and we’re always looking for consoles, especially with the Holidays right around the corner! Lets get it!

Flea Market Flippin’ – $2 Game Day! – Live Video Game Hunting

Assassin’s Creed III – Xbox 360
Fight Night Champion – Xbox 360
Alias – Microsoft Xbox
Grand Theft Auto V – Xbox 360

Flea Market Flippin’ – $2 Game Day! – Live Video Game Hunting


  1. Did you like today’s episode? What was the coolest thing I grabbed? Did I miss anything? Comment below and don’t forget to like 👍 and subscribe to the channel!

  2. You are my favorite YouTuber.. you buy garbage and you make money on it.. so you can buy more garbage to make money on.. it’s gorgeous

  3. Fight Night Champion is fucking awesome by the way.. story mode is great.. and the boss is Drago from hell

  4. Always a good day when there's a new 'Mur video!

  5. You could've knocked me over with a feather when you revealed the Famicom port on the bottom of that el cheapo 76k-in-1! I never knew those had any sort of compatibility with any genuine carts! Cool! 😲

  6. Love it as always. Alias is my wife favorite all time show, JJ Abrams, pretty cool actually! Was there anything in the Wii? Thanks Mur!

  7. Great video! Loved to listening to your game knowledge.

  8. Love these videos! Keep up the great content!

  9. 8:26 …..but wait, there's more! Included is a straight-up pistol !!!
    god bless 'murica (or what weird overseas companies think of america.)

  10. Yes back to the hunt
    These are the videos I like 👍

  11. Hey mur I was posting as anon. But changed my prof. Who else likes how mur works the deals is art 🎨. Love the videos, ✌ from 🇨🇦 to all the gamers

  12. Nice pickups! That's kinda neat about hat N64 knockoff Plug And Play where you can play Famicom games! I've never heard about that Fight Night game (I knew about all the previous ones) until you've shown it here! I had also skipped AC3 and I'm now about halfway through it and it's not bad… it's just not my favorite! Great video and keep up the good work!

  13. Great stuff and thanks for sharing your video with me thanks again 🙏❤️🤩😱❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  14. Always enjoy your flea market flip shows. I found that if you buy in bulk on the Wii replacement doors it’s a lot cheaper. I buy 5 sets at a time on eBay. And it averages out to about 3.35 a Wii. Because I always find em with the GameCube compatible parts missing. So I keep em in stock on the regular.

  15. I don’t understand how people lose parts to systems. How hard is it? Lol

  16. Half off right off that bat with that plug and play system let’s go ! Great vid man always fun to watch keep up the great work let’s see that collection soon !. For todays pick up I got a couple of ps2 games matrix game fair shape for a dollar . A nice holographic mortal Kombat Armageddon greats hits not first print but for a dollar not bad .

  17. There was an Alias game? I loved that show, heh.

  18. Love your take no b.s. style, man. "That's not what the sign said, and that's not what we're doing." Great vid as always!

  19. Not a bad haul this week Mur! Call me a noob but I was unaware you could plug Fami carts intro the Super joys. Haha

  20. Wait until you start seeing Arcade 1ups at the flea market.

  21. Congrats on almost 8,000 subscribers, my man! Well deserved!

  22. My favorite pickup is the Atari Flash Back! I didn't know you could add roms to those. I may have to look into getting one.

  23. Subbed to Genx after last video.. some great finds

  24. Keep up the top notch videos brotha. Great grabs.

  25. Always enjoy these episodes! Keep ‘em coming

  26. Some good ol games I liked a few of those

  27. Retro Rick told me to come here, glad I did. Nice stuff Mur!

  28. Hello Emceemur, I met you in Car.h livestream tonight. After his live stream ended I came back over to your channel to watch some of your videos. I am so excited to see that this is what you are doing. I love watching people going to flea markets and such and getting good deals and flipping them. I do believe Im going to be enjoying your channel. It was very nice meeting you tonight and I hope you will come back into his live again. So happy I subbed to you! Have a great day!

  29. Not too bad; plug n plays make for a decent enough find with the fun of hacking and just checking out what sort of oddball games have been dropped on them. The incomplete Wii Woes–ugh, what a pain. As you saw on Twitter your hunting has more coming from it than ours. lol

  30. Good to see ya again bud! I went to a retro toy shop in my area for the first time and I picked up a crossover Mortal Kombat Spawn figure and an old Tomb Raider figure based on the movie and they’re in the box! A little pricey but damn I couldn’t leave empty handed!

  31. Also, I LOVE your Mortal Kombat 2 Arcade 1UP!

  32. Emceemur back at it miss you my man happy to see another great episodes of flea market flippin no cheese just the good stuff great pickups as always

  33. Nice pickups Mur. Easy negotiations too! I’m also a huge fan of the plug and plays and am waiting to get a decent price on the Atari flashback.

    Question for you. Retrobit is rereleasing some Genesis shooters and I think Gaiares preorders cost 60 bucks. Is it just me or is this a rip off to charge that much for a 30 year old game? Curious to hear your opinion and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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