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Favorite Video Game Console – Cinemassacre Podcast

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Welcome to episode 16 of the Cinemassacre Podcast!! The full crew of Cinemassacre is BACK (James, Kieran, and Justin). We’re also shortening these podcasts to be tighter, in a 35 to 50 minute range, so, excuse us as we slide into that.

The guys chat about their lives and the stuff they love: movies, games, and making videos. You’ll also hear about behind-the-scenes antics, anecdotes about being long-time YouTubers, and a ton of obscure pop-culture crap. It’s the off-the-cuff banter from Rental Reviews mixed with an AVGN panel, every Tuesday around 3pm ET… or find it on or wherever you get your podcasts shortly after.

Cinemassacre Podcast #16 – Favorite Video Game Console

Cinemassacre Crew:
James Rolfe:
Justin Silverman:

Filmed on the Screenwave Media Podcast Set
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Opening Narration by Gianni Matragrano

Intro Music by EpicGameMusic (James Ronald)

Intro 3D Graphics by Justin Gates

Chainsaw Logo Prop by Chris Moore

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  1. Got to say to NES man, crystalis, Castlevania ,mega Man ,Battle of Olympus, legend of Zelda 1 and 2, double dragon,

  2. I had a Pentium on 75 megahertz packer bell computer. This was 1994 I believe. Had forgotten realms : dark sun, Diablo, Doom 2, Wolfenstein, Raven, and many more……

  3. คุณแทน จอมทะเล้น Khunthaen Jom Talen says:

    I have 3 video game consoles ps2 slim (he's gone 😥😥) Xbox 360 and ps4 🙂🙂

  4. This is a fantastic video and my favorite video game consoles are PS2,PS4,Nintendo Switch,Super Nintendo,NES and Sega Genesis

  5. One of my favorite arcades is probably the game terminal in Tennessee I live in Tennessee and I go there every weekend so if you visit Nashville I highly recommend it . Love from Tennessee! 😀✌️

  6. when you wiggle it inside the NES it cleans the contact pins slightly… however also wears out the thin brass contacts so that the more you do it, the worse the game becomes

  7. My favorite consoles comes down to nostalgia: Super Nintendo and Play Station one and Two

    Playing Spyro and having the Spyro series. I even remember one of my cousins came over and I traded him one of the Spyro games I hadn’t played yet for one of my games.

  8. Kieran, did that NES still have that new Nintendo console aroma to it when you opened it up?

  9. I bet in the Berenstein Univere Justin is a Strongman ..Dudes bodyparts are twice as big as James even his Head 🤣

  10. I want to hear more about James going to a special ed school

  11. The greatest video game console is the GameCube

  12. Great episode keep it coming that's what she said

  13. My NES got to the point where we had to shove another game on top of the one already in the console or else it wouldn't work

  14. Burnout paradise is awful. I recommend Burnout takedown

  15. Yesss the legend of Zelda link to the past is my favorite game to. Then final fantasy 7.

  16. Yes, will it float? Was Letterman but will he eat the meatloaf? Was way better!

  17. I’m right there with ya James; SNES goes down as the greatest console in history.

  18. Xbox 360. It wasn’t my childhood console. I was 15 when I got it. But it was the perfect console for me at that age. The internet features were amazing. Playing in HD was a huge jump. What a great console.

  19. i dreamed of N64 and then Santa Claus made it happen. Then, I timed travel to the future & then_

  20. The PS1 or PS2 is by far the best ever. In my opinion.

  21. you just had to bust out that Blockbuster card huh🤣😎

  22. Mine is PC lol.
    And for real Nintendo DS, because it was small, had great games and it was easy to hack xD

  23. I am requesting walls full of VHS tapes and video games behind you guys again.

  24. James's cap looks like someone put it on his head while he was asleep

  25. "I learned the hundred hand slap"

    AKA I mashed punch

  26. I got hacked money from a friend in gta just like Kieran those days were the best.

  27. I've had games die, but my nes never broke down or had issues.

  28. For me it’s kinda’ hard to say what my favorite console was / is. Super Nintendo is definitely a strong contender considering the incredible legacy it has but I’m gonna’ have to lean towards the 8-Bit Nintendo and SUPER MARIO BROS. 3. That era of gaming was just epic to me!

  29. I know the final winner of the Bit War was Nintendo but it’s really sad that no one took a deeper look into Sega consoles in the podcast… The only console I own in my childhood was Megadrive but nobody actually share the memories with Sega😔

  30. Will always love the n64 also recently started buying more games for it to play at my friends houses.

  31. My favourite console was either the Megadrive or N64: mostly for the memories.
    All the consoles were great imo.

  32. For me it’s the GameCube that whole generation the PS2 and the Xbox was all dope ton me. I owned a 64 and Genuses before that. But I was coming into my teen years when the GameCube came out so that’s what makes the difference i guess

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