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Eye for an Eye – Rust

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How many chances do you have before its too late?


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  1. I’m new to this channel and that shit was a banger🔥 Can’t wait for more content

  2. This is just too much bro.. what the fucking fuck, holy molly shit man, this is an insane fucking blockbuster!!!

  3. Bro Asad is a god builder lol little hidden rat tunnel basement how he build that lol

  4. havent even seen it, but i know its gonna be a banger

  5. Dude that was one of the best rust movies I've ever watch great fuckin Job frost

  6. That scene where the shark came out of nowhere scared the shit outta me

  7. "empty stash like your head" bit got me xd, your best work yet Frost, insane story.

  8. Genuinely the best rust movies I’ve ever seen

  9. This was the best rust movie I've seen by far

  10. I used to watch your uploads the moment i saw them although recently I haven't been watching.. 🙁 I'm glad I watched this one, it was so good.

  11. that was fucking amazing frost. ACTOR SIGNUPS? HAHA

  12. I’ve been binging a lot of rust content. Stevie. Spoonkid. Blooprint. Shots…..

    This takes the cake.

  13. Best ending I’ve ever seen in a rust movie holy shit

  14. really great Video, great Story and edeting i cant wait for more 😀

  15. I use a translator I do not know any English 0, but enjoy the video from start to finish a wonderful piece of art, thank you for making this content so different and unique.

    uso traductor no se nada de ingles 0, pero de disfrute el video de inicio a fin una pieza de arte estupenda, gracias por hacer este contenido tan diferente y único.

  16. I just cant watch content that is scripted. Im sure a lot of work went into this but if I know its fake I cant do it.

  17. I cant wait to see what crazy stuff you do for you 10mill subs celebration.

  18. This has to be the coolest rust video I’ve ever seen. Your edits are incredibly flawless, and that story was amazing. Congrats on 1 mil

  19. Good video, except I cant stand the in game comms, its not more immersive it makes me cringe.

  20. My favourite video you’ve made is house of card but I think this might be my new one

  21. When the shark killed him I almost shit myself

  22. if this was actual rust i would play it a lot more let me tell you that

  23. 😂🤣😂🤣 empty just like his head 💀

  24. Bro the “it’s empty like yo head” was just mean and uncalled for 🤣

  25. hands down this goes down in history as the best "rust movie" ever.

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