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Every Nintendo Console in One Video (1977-2017)

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The history of Nintendo.

Fun – Vibe Tracks


  1. Where Magnavox odyssey? Atari 2600? And many other?

  2. So this is where legend's journey begins…

  3. Благодаря этому видео я и полюбил Нинтендо…

  4. BOYFRIEND as a animator for no reason. says:

    Title and about video:nintendo
    Me:i bet all of these comments are from 1 year old and im late….

  5. 昔この動画よく見てたわ、懐かし

  6. Virutal Boy was the first VR i think ;-;

  7. в 1980 в СССР вышла копия Game & Watch: ну, погоди!
    in 1980 in USSR Exist copy of Game & Watch: ну, погоди!

  8. who play in mobail they are the only legend

  9. i dont get why nintendo didnt make a new Nintendo 2ds or a 2ds xl. they only made 2ds and new 2ds xl

  10. Hey! There is an issue detected in this video. When it was at 2004: Nintendo DS, the year went back down to 2003. Also, what song is this called

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