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Every Nintendo Console in One Video (1977-2017)

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The history of Nintendo.

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  1. Why is there a 12 at the very end of the video

  2. alt title: every nintendo console in 2 minutes and 40 seconds

  3. Ходят слухи что кто-то до сих пор пытается добить тысячу

  4. So you’re just not gonna mention that the China only IQue player also Pokémon mini and that there were different versions of color TV game also in 1983 what is Win the Japanese only Famicom was released not the NES which was released in 1985 and also the NES Toploader, AV Famicom, and SNES Junior Sorry for my bad grammar

  5. Why can nintendo controller just be normal

  6. 0:45 Если в слове snes поменять e на u то будет SNUS

  7. He forgot the “new” Nintendo 2DS xl and the “new” Nintendo 3ds xl

  8. all my childhood in a few minutes damn.

  9. マジで進化がやばい

  10. Hey! There is an issue detected in this video. When it was at 2004: Nintendo DS, the year went back down to 2003. Also, what song is this called

  11. i dont get why nintendo didnt make a new Nintendo 2ds or a 2ds xl. they only made 2ds and new 2ds xl

  12. who play in mobail they are the only legend

  13. в 1980 в СССР вышла копия Game & Watch: ну, погоди!
    in 1980 in USSR Exist copy of Game & Watch: ну, погоди!

  14. Virutal Boy was the first VR i think ;-;

  15. 昔この動画よく見てたわ、懐かし

  16. BOYFRIEND as a animator for no reason. says:

    Title and about video:nintendo
    Me:i bet all of these comments are from 1 year old and im late….

  17. Благодаря этому видео я и полюбил Нинтендо…

  18. So this is where legend's journey begins…

  19. Where Magnavox odyssey? Atari 2600? And many other?

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