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Every Nintendo Console Ever

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From NES to Switch, Nintendo more than any other console manufacturer has revolutionized the space, over and over again.

Every Jedi Ever:

Every Sith Ever:

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  1. I still have the Wii and its full of amazing memories from when I was like 4 and 5, and it still works great. I really reccomend it, although its old. I also had the wii-U but about a year after I got it it overheated or something and stopped working. It got a lotta hate, and im not quite sure why, like yes it did eventually stop working but the time I spent playing it with my siblings was amazing

  2. I want to get every single Nintendo game console ever made

  3. I like how in the opening theirs no virtual boy or wii u

  4. Fun Fact: Inside the G in the gamecube logo, There is a C inside the G standing for "CUBE" for Gamecube.

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  6. You forgot one console of a wii and that’s the wii mini

  7. 3:02 Nintendo Cereal System
    Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda
    Food are like sold separately.

  8. el wii se puede jugar juegos de gamecube y wii, pero no dvd ni blu ray ni cd ni 4k ultra hd ni hd dvd

  9. Fun fact: The GCN all the way to the Wii U were actually 64-bit, not 32-bit.

  10. anyone who doesn't like Nintendo games are going to hell

  11. Every… Ever?

    Wait that sounds fami-


  12. 5:21 Sony made it to the market a few years later, alone, it was called the PlayStation

  13. 00:20 OK IGN, so Virtual Boy and WiiU don't deserve to be in the doorway … well, well …

  14. Is nobody gonna talk about the famicom controllers being incorrrct

  15. The first Nintendo console my mom bought me my brother and sister was the Nintendo GameCube.

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  18. There are so many great Nintendo consoles throughout the years, so what was your favorite and why??!?!??!?!

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