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Every Handheld Console Ranked From WORST To BEST

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And here we are again, putting together a ridiculous list. Given Nintendo has stopped releasing a new handheld variant every year, now seemed like the perfect time to judge dozens of hardware manufacturers on their portable offerings. Here is Every Handheld Console Ranked From WORST To BEST.

VO: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin) & Ben Potter (@Confused_Dude)
Script: Philip J Reed (@NoNoiseChitChat)
Video Editor: Alex Winters (@MrSteakFace)

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Featured handhelds included:
Atari Lynx
Bandai Design Master Denshi Mangajuku
Bandai Digi Casse
Bandai WonderSwan
Bit Corporation Gamate
Electronika IM-26
Entex Adventure Vision
Entex Select-A-Game
Epoch Game Pocket Computer
Fisher-Price iXL
Fisher-Price Kasey the Kinderbot
Fisher-Price Pixter
Game Park GP32
GiochiPreziosi My Life
Goldstar GPi-1200
Grandstand Game Wizard
Grandstand Light Games
Hartung Game Master
Koei PasoGo
LeapFrog Turbo Twist
LeapFrogLeapster Explorer
LG Kids Pad
M&D Monon Color
Mattel Children’s Discovery System
MGA Game Wizard
Milton Bradley Microvision
NEC PC Engine LT
NEC TurboExpress
Nikko digiBlast
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Game Boy
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Nintendo Pokémon Mini
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Virtual Boy
Nokia N-Gage
Nvidia Shield Portable
Ohio Art Etch A Sketch Animator 2000
Palmtex Portable Videogame System
Sega Game Gear
Sega Nomad
SNK Neo Geo Pocket
Sony PlayStation Portable
Sony PlayStation Vita
Tapwave Zodiac
Tiger Game.com
Tiger Gizmondo
Tiger R-Zone
Tiger VideoNow XP
TimeTop GameKing
Tommo Neo Geo X
VTech 3D Gamate
VTech Variety
VTechPreComputer 1000
VTechV.Smile Pocket
Watara Supervision
Welback Mega Duck


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  1. Haven't even watched the video yet, but the list in the description is very promising. Will definitely watch this later.

  2. You mist some 😉, of course it's impossible to include all.

  3. My very first handheld was Gameboy which came out when I just started college. My roommate ended playing my Gameboy more than me. He became obsessed with Mario World (I think that was the title). Me, I loved playing Tetris on the go.

    Since then I bought almost every Nintendo handheld, skipping only gb color, gb micro, and dsi.

  4. The Game Wizard just had 6 built-in games. The notches on the “cartridges” just told the device which game to run.

  5. I hated every nintendo handhelds. They just sucked. The screens were to small and the controls were horrible. The switch as soon as they make an easy and comfortable controls will not waste my money. What idiot thought it be a good idea to place a thumb control under the ridiculously high placed buttons. Nintendo still has not got it right with hand helds.

  6. I'm sure I had a supervision but it was made by tiger I think. I wanted a gameboy and got that. It wasn't too bad tbh

  7. turbo twist was amazing! I always wondered what that expansion slot had in store.. I never got the cartridges

  8. I must have missed something. Why do people think Sony didn’t try with Vita?
    Seems to me like the did try. Sony supported the console for a loooong time considering the small install base. It went through several hardware revisions and a TV console spin-off to try and pull in more players. It’s hard to get studios to sign up for big budget AAA titles when the response from consumers was lukewarm and console sales were low. There’s only so much they could do to recover from a rough launch 🙏

  9. I had a Game Gear, PSP and Vita. All were brilliant systems for their time, and potentially far superior to their Nintendo equivalents, but all did not get the support and games required.

  10. The name "V-Tech PreComputer 1000" didn't mean anything to me, but that first photo of it brought back a wave of memories. Weirdly, it looks like it was also photographed on the living room floor of the house I lived in when I had the thing.

  11. That was Tobey Macguire in the Lynx commercial, yes?

  12. Good job guys this lists take a lot of work we can see that and you made it very solid!

  13. Ninty murdered Neo Geo
    Sony murdered SEGA.
    I think Sony 's crime is worse.
    But Sony killed Nintendo's evil stranglehold on gaming and killing Sega made a space for MS/XBox a western console to flourish and ended Japanese companies tyranny oF screwing over western gamers.
    Sony gets off with a suspended sentence. As their murder was for the benefit of the world.
    Meaning NINTY is the most evil games hardware company ever, so "BURN THE HERETICS OF GAMING FOR THEIR HEINOUS CRIMES ". Also Ninty made playing cards in WW2, cards used by The mass- war crime committing Japanese Imperial military and Unit 731. So NINTY supports torture, genocide, and the worst scientific experiments ever on humans.
    Do we really want to give our kids toys, made by such an EVIL Company

  14. Who else is going online later to buy an evercade after this video?

  15. I think you should practice prononcing japanese titles before making a video. You would sound like you care about other cultures. The rest is great!

  16. I loved my Nokia N-gage. It was my primary phone for years that acted like a smartphone at a time when every one else had Blackberries. It was possibly the only phone of its time with proper gaming controls. At $500 it didn't sell but once Gamestop blew them out for $50 and all the game carts for $1 I bought them up and used that phone up until smartphones could match its capabilities, which for me wasn't until the IPhone 4. It had some kind of PDA OS that gave it a huge library of home brew apps like an early mp3 player and other stuff other phones didn't. The external SD card slot was great for easy game swapping or expanding the phone with home brew apps. Underrated device that should rank much higher on this list. It failed only due to its outrageous initial release price.

  17. Loved this list, but with all the educational consoles I was half expecting the Speak and spell/Math to make an appearance. I guess not many know that you could buy cartridges to upgrade the learning experience.

  18. I wanted a Nokia Ngauge SO BAD. I even saved up for the device, some games, and a service plan. I was so excited to finally buy it, but that all changed the moment I actually held it in my hand. A big reason I'm watching this is curiosity where it landed on the list and any comments about it.

  19. I think smartphones killed off traditional handheld gaming.

  20. I've had a hand-held before- I'm going to give this everything ive got

  21. Had the PSP and god I had so much fun. Then I got the VITA… It was so promising in every way. Now I have the switch and god it is so good as a handheld.

  22. The video for the LG Kids Pad has Russian text in it so it must not have been exclusive to Korea

  23. No time stamps from the creator is brutal. An hour and a half looking for the one game i had is not going to happen.

  24. Never heard of that Dutch handheld. And I am Dutch lol. Shows exactly how popular it was hahaha. Good thing we did a lot of World famous inventions when it comes to electronics. Like creating the CD DVD and blue ray. The cassette tape WiFi and Bluetooth. But we are not good in creating game consoles/handhelds or PCs for that. Remember packet Bell? Yeah another flaw from the Netherlands lol

  25. I traded in the rather boring 3ds for £200 off the price of a new release Day PS Vita at Game , what a great bargain , THE VITA KICKED THE ASS OF THE 3DS

  26. Where does v tec get money to keep making these flops

  27. 1:02:57 Oh look MJ, it's Peter Parker…no not that Peter Parker. The other Peter Parker!

  28. Lynx is sold a little short here. Although Atari discontinued it after 6 years, it was still on shelves and getting new games until around 1997, with one more "official" release in 1999. It had a pretty good run, considering.

    Also Adventure Vision should at least be ahead of.all the stupid swappable LCD screen games by virtue of being a real game system. It wasn't great but I would take it over that Tiger LCD crap.

  29. VITA had a lot of potential. sad SONY didnt know how to market it

  30. So every Nintendo Handheld console ranked from worst to best and also every other handheld that’s worse than Nintendo’s worst

  31. I had a Sega Nomad. Nice little system. Traded it in with a bunch of Sega games at Funcoland for a Playstation.

  32. Little Caesars badly needs to change their pizza recipe it makes people want to puke how gross it is now please change it Little Caesars even Papa John's has better Pizza compared to you

  33. 1:30 it's like one of those "the more you look the more things you notice that aren't quite right" memes.

  34. A gaming console with built in ads? Christ if EA finds this out it's game over.

  35. You can't hear me? Damn…… I guess I was screaming at my screen for nothing. Someone tell me how this thing works…. Hello! HELLO!!! To hell with this gd technology.

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