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Every Console in one Gaming Desk Setup!

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I finally put together a desk setup that supports all the latest gaming platforms. PS5, Xbox Series S, OLED Nintendo Switch and an INSANE gaming PC all in one clean setup. Everything mentioned in the video is linked below!

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LG 34GP950G 34″ UWQHD (3440 x 1440) 144Hz Ultra Wide Curved Monitor:
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  1. You still busy with the gamers paradise

  2. is it just me but mixing consoles and gaming pc is just wrong

  3. Please my dude it’s not an Xbox one s I own a series s trust me

  4. I was bouta buy those speakers, but $250???

  5. AvrgC – “PC has its own little island”
    PC – “I’m a island boy just trying to make it. I’m a island boy”🏝😂😂

  6. I gaurantee your legs are hot, the heat coming from the consoles underneath, you might last for an hour

  7. Sick. I love this setup. But I do wish the desk could have the pc on above it

  8. Setup's great, I would personally have it tucked the wooden controller display directly under the monitor (assuming I have a monitor stand that was tall enough) OR place it along the wall above the monitor. it looks flippin' great, but it simply eats up too much space on the desk itself as you can see Carl at 5:18 having more than half the notebook spilling out of the table

  9. Fan from the Philippines. 👋🏻 great setup, bro! Do you also have a video to somehow review the chair you’re using? Thanks!

  10. Changing catridges for the Nintendo Switch is going to be a challenge lol. Looks amazing though

  11. just when i think there is nothing to watch on youtube I see this!!!! love it

  12. how did u get the wooden piece of the speakers that fascinating I like those

  13. Man you can’t do a video without a sponsor 😂😂.Every video of yours seems like an ad.

  14. the setup looks pimp! but i wouldnt game on a wireless mouse without a mousepad 🙂

  15. Desde mi humilde perspectiva hay muchas cosas por mejorar pero sigue siendo un excelente setup, con el tiempo de uso iras descubriendo formas de mejorarlo. Buen video sigue así.

  16. I don't game that much, but that is a nice set up.

  17. This setup is so minimalist, I simply love it 🙌

  18. The creativity is on point🔥. Videos are always satisfying!

  19. Hey Jud where did you find the Xbox one s desk mount!?

  20. VERY cool setup🙌🤩👑😱😱😱😱💥💥💥💥💥

  21. should've done an itx build or something small form factor I feel like considering u were hiding the consoles u shldve kept the pc low profile too

  22. We need a new massive tech unboxing asap!!!!!

  23. A PC is not a console it's a PC that can do more then a console.

  24. One, why the Xbox if you have the PC? Can’t you play Xbox games on the pc now? Two, nothing about the chair?

  25. What is under the desk. Are those HideIt mounts?

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