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E3 2021: Biggest Expected PS5, Xbox Series X Games – Next-Gen Console Watch

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Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch, our show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. This week, we discuss some of the biggest rumored games coming out of Sony and Microsoft, as well as some of the confirmed titles we’ll see at E3 2021! Juggernauts like Halo Infinite, Far Cry 6, and Psychonauts 2 are known quantities, but what about Starfield and Elden Ring? Will this be the year we finally get a glimpse? All of that, and poll results on this week’s Next-Gen Console Watch!


  1. Xbox is done. Nothing new on their console…. even the new console is old 😂

  2. and games like bf and cod took halo off the grid

  3. but what about elder scrolls 6 do anyone else think there might be another teaser for it this year or no?

  4. Halo is pretty dead. When is the next Zelda coming out.

  5. People really think Halo gonna fail😂

    Y’all hate that game cause it ain’t in your favorite system that bad huh😂 Halo: Guardian was a beautiful looking game IMO. Mark my words. “Craig Coming back with a vengeance”😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. I'm wish sony come back on e3 2021 for june 12, 2021.

  7. remember when all these game journalists were complaining about E3 2 years ago and now everyones super excited about E3 because they dont have to fly out anymore. We need our E3 season and they almost killed it for us.

  8. Why psychonauts game has illuminati symbolisms???Please ask the developers to give answers….

  9. I'm looking forward to GOW Ragnarok and star wars the skywalker saga

  10. It'd be nice to actually be able to buy a next Gen at retail.

  11. New, unexpected games, awesome weekend ahead nonetheless.

  12. No one going to talk about elder scrolls ?? What the actual heck

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