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Dying Light x RUST – Official Crossover Trailer

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Watch the trailer for a look at what to expect with the Rust crossover event, available now until April 26 in Dying Light on PC.

The event brings new Rust-themed weapons and skins, a new human enemy type, the chance to earn rewards through in-game challenges, and more to Dying Light.

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  1. Actually re downloading rn because although the most random drop, it's a most welcome one.

  2. I'm just wondering if the ak is gonna have that damn recoil

  3. Rust, the game that would turn angels into toxic devils.

  4. 2021, a new dying light dlc drops.

  5. So many crossovers this looks like the games before the 2000's and I'm here for it

  6. So can we just have a talk? Dying light turned into a comedy xD

  7. Like no one wanted this cross over but no ones complaining

  8. whhy whhyy, this game still update event make me want to install it again

  9. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

  10. So does this mean rust will now have zombies because if rust had zombies it would actually be fun. Rust is one of those games you play 4 wipes then never touch it again because you did everything you could do.

  11. They really be doing everything but releasing dyinh light 2

  12. Why not just release Dying Light 2 instead of adding DLC

  13. Imagine if facepunch was just forced to collab with them lol

  14. Why don't they just make cross over items permanently

  15. The Question is.
    Will the Ak have the same Spray pattern like in Rust?

  16. RUST X Dying Light

    If they added volatile at night,
    that will be new nightmare for us 🤕

  17. Anyone still play it ? Want to buy it but afraid no one online to play coop

  18. Why don’t they just give us dyling light 2?

  19. Godspeed to the people still playing dying light to this day lol

  20. It would have been better if dying light came to rust , if the zombies came to rust

  21. Does anyone know the song in this trailer? It sounds epic.

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