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Dying Light – RUST Free Bundle Trailer

Dying Light
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The combination everybody needed! See what happens when two worlds of survival are brought together and meet in the midst of a zombie apocalypse! Don’t worry, though, we won’t leave you without proper equipment. Grab the free Rust DLC to get a set of unique items that will help you make it through the dangers of the unforgiving world.

When your life’s at stake, there’s only one thing you can do—grab whatever you find and use it to your advantage. Like that Heavy Plate outfit that’s apparently all the rage and will show everyone around how inventive you are. Or the Salvaged Cleaver with which you’ll chop both zombies and bandits as if they were veggies (quick disclaimer: do NOT eat the zombies! Or the bandits!). Prefer fighting from a distance? Then shoot your enemies with the Custom SMG or the Rust Assault Rifle, the latest advance in unconventional weapon-making. And for the final piece of your survivor’s kit—the new buggy, Rust Bucket—the capstone of your engineering skills. You can be sure it’ll put to shame all who have ever doubted your talent as well as remind you that nothing is impossible. Even building a car in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wilderness.

The bundle contains:
Heavy Plate outfit
Buggy skin — Rust Bucket
Short axe — Salvaged Cleaver
SMG — Custom SMG
Assault rifle — Rust Assault Rifle

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  1. Did anybody else get their time screwed over by NOT getting the weapon after completing the quest? How to fix this?

  2. got the bundle can't find the weapons though

  3. How do I get it? I checked the store for new bundles and I didn’t saw it…
    Maybe After the event when the player needs to kill bandits?

  4. ive looked in the ps4 store for the free bundle but its no where to be found, was it only a one day thing? anyone else having this issue

  5. if people wonder why they keep releasing DLCs its cause they want an excuse to show people gameplay of the first game to make people remember how good it was and to show people that 2 can be that but better so its a way to keep hype a live and im for it.

  6. how the heck do i get them or claim theM

    says its in my library but i dont see them ingame

  7. Best add on ever! They should have added the old school rad suite as a skin to!

  8. Anyone know what happened to the rust community event for PS4? They seem to have forgotten about the console owners?

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