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Dying Light – RUST Crossover Trailer

Dying Light
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The Rust crossover event and the Rust DLC will come to PC on April 19, 19:00 CET. The event’ll last for a whole week (until April 26, 19:00 CET).

Both the crossover event and the Rust DLC will appear on consoles mid-May.

Now, let’s put all that equipment to good use and see just how long you can survive against flesh-hungry zombies and ruthless bandits. What’s more, the scientists from Rust must’ve heard about the Harran virus and have come to investigate the deadly pathogen. Surprise them with your amazing parkour skills and show them what you’ve learned from years of fighting the infected. They’re not the only enemies you’ll encounter, though. In both the Slums and the Old Town, you’ll find outposts full of Rais’ bandits. They’re dangerous places, but you’ve been to such by now, haven’t you? Crash through the front door and wreak havoc among the enemy lines or take them silently, through stealth. They won’t know what hit them, and you’ll leave with powerful elemental C4 explosives. You’ll use them better anyway, right?

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  1. I hope this comes back again! Never got around to playing it.

  2. wow the game more toxic then gta meets dying light why not just add the toxic trash outfit from gta and the mk2……..

  3. Do I have to put 60 hours into learning the recoil of the ak again for this dlc? Lmao

  4. just more free rust dlc for dying light nothing for us rust players again

  5. but the real question is rust players vs dying light players?

  6. Rust console is released, I think it is about time

  7. Yes I can now get called the n word at 3 in the morning by a 7 year old in dying light
    Just what I always wanted

  8. Rust is now on console dose that mean maybe just maybe this will come to console?

  9. Please add this to consoles its the 7th of June

  10. Is anyone talking about how the bucket zombie is from plants vs zombies

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