DOOM Soundtrack LIVE at The Game Awards 2016 -

DOOM Soundtrack LIVE at The Game Awards 2016

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Composer Mick Gordon performs the DOOM soundtrack live at The 2016 Game Awards. Mick is joined by Matt Halpern from Periphery and Sonic Mayhem.


  1. James McAvoy can play metal too 😂😂😂

  2. Tbh doom and doom eternal both should’ve won way more awards, I honestly enjoyed playing doom more than like 90% of the other award-winning games.

  3. People in the comments section: this is the most brutal thing ever

    Meshuggah: aww that's cute

  4. This dude is so ahead of time with his music 👌🤘

  5. 5 years later I'm still counting the strings on his headstock

  6. I’m literally pissed off that they didn’t start shouting Kar En Tuk

  7. Imagine if these guys were alive in the 90’s…

  8. Ego much? You would grovel at the feet of true Norwegian Black Metal, young padwan.

    edit-……this shit is lite fm hehe

  9. Doom 2016 is better than doom enteral! Come at me!

  10. This is shit they not even playing people are u so stiupid and blind ?

  11. Mick is the star here but the dude on drums is Matt Halpern from Periphery. A huge modern metal band!

  12. He brought an 8 string guitar to use 2 of them

  13. I love how Mick LUNGES at people and then just shakes his tongue at them

  14. just realised that Matt Halpern is on Drums…. now everything makes sense…

  15. This is what the Australian government listens to while they weld Aussies into their homes.

  16. The man is minecraft walking across stage playing a nine string guitar, truly a man with main character energy

  17. The funny thing about people who don't listen to metal is that they don't realize this is exactly how 90% of metal bands dress when they perform lol. Matt, the drummer, plays for Periphery and their guitarists wear sports jerseys while playing the same kind of stuff haha. Love me some Matt Halpern, dude makes me bad that I exist with his skills

  18. An obvious genius. You can tell hes got the rockstar gene in him and has been couped up in an office for too long. Finally getting the chance to bust out all those stage moves hes dreamed for a crowd that worships him

  19. I hope Bethesda give him second chance, he's really love this work, how i can see

  20. Rip and tear….until it is done!🤘🏻

  21. It's funny, he's the type who looks like a manager of Starbucks but makes music that turns me into a blood lusting pychopath

  22. they had like 50 fans standing up in front for the camera and the rest were sitting down

  23. white men who look like their name is craig and are 40 but have full arm sleeve tats is one of my favorite genre of men

  24. Hard to tell which one of the three are more hyped to be playing with who

  25. band: what tempo we running this on?? … . sqaure root of -1?? aite..

  26. Why are so many fake crowd cheers thrown into this? -_-

  27. The most testorone filled moment in VGA history.

  28. IDK how Doom Eternal lose in 2020 Best OST
    >:c ,.oK GOTY maybe was for Gosth of Tsushima (be realistic) but the OST its for Doom Eternal like Doom

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