DOOM - Original Game Soundtrack - Mick Gordon & id Software -

DOOM – Original Game Soundtrack – Mick Gordon & id Software

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Created by Mick Gordon, the DOOM Original Soundtrack includes completely rearranged and composed tracks from the game, one new track from id Software’s Chris Hite, a new remixed track from id Software’s Chad Mossholder, and a few other surprises for the fans. Spanning 31 tracks and 128 minutes, the soundtrack is organized into four distinct chapters (I. DOGMA, II. DEMIGOD, III. DAKHMA, IV. DOOM) that follow the DOOM Marine’s path of destruction, culminating in his relentless fight against the demons of Hell.

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01. I. DOGMA 00:01
02. Rip & Tear 00:45
03. At DOOM’s Gate 5:02
04. Rust, Dust & Guts 06:13
05. II. DEMIGOD 13:56
06. Hellwalker 14:45
07. Authorization; Olivia Pierce 19:51
08. Flesh & Metal 22:15
09. Impure Spectrum 29:16
10. Ties That Bind 31:00
11. BFG Division 33:08
12. Residual 41:34
13. Argent Energy 42:58
14. Harbinger 46:05
15. Biowaves 53:15
16. Olivia’s DOOM (Chad Mossholder Remix) 55:31
17. Transistor Fist 1:00:11
18. Dr. Samuel Hayden 1:06:20
19. Cyberdemon 1:10:32
20. Incantation1:16:49
21. III. DAKHMA 1:20:26
22. Damnation 1:22:42
23. The Stench 1:29:24
24. UAC Report File; SHTO36U3 1:32:17
25. Death & Exhale 1:35:20
26. SkullHacker 1:39:11
27. Lazarus Waves 1:46:26
28. VEGA Core 1:50:06
29. 6-idkill.vega.cih 1:58:08
30. Mastermind 1:59:47
31. IV. DOOM 2:06:26

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  1. This music make me wanna FINALLY use the school restroom

  2. I'm bored of killing demons until this music kicks in . Respect man

  3. The only way this could be better is if they had Jens Kidman track vocals. Imagining his vocals on here just brings it to a whole other level.

  4. Play this when you sleep and the monsters under your bed won't dare to do a thing

  5. Every time the music is about to get really cool it just stops and goes to some atmospheric junk. I want 2 full hours of blood-curdling, demon-slaughtering, ripping and tearing hell metal that just goes harder and harder! <—-Notice the exclamation point. I'm serious.

  6. Modern DOOM games are worth buying by the music alone

  7. I didn't even realize that the light from the tower reacts to the soundtrack

  8. BFG Division is the best one change my mind

  9. normal triple A games: press WASD keys to move

  10. Westernized angels: sin bad lord good
    Angels in the bible:

  11. Вот эта музыка мне по душе

  12. this soundtrack makes me wanna say, “something happened in 1984”

  13. i imagine this is what my sleep paralysis demon hears when i sit up in bed while holding eye contact with him

  14. Need Dethklok to write some lyrics here.

  15. Humm I feel like i can pee and go out without washing my hands!


  17. this soundtrack makes me want to unbutton my collar shirt for this job interview

  18. наконец-то нормальная музыка

  19. bruh most of this video is quiet that i forgot i was playing it

  20. day 3 of listening to that music, wow a beard has grown after 1 hour

  21. The soundtrack when my neighbor upstairs make to noises

  22. This was playing when I came out to my parents. Then they came out to me.

  23. This soundtrack makes me want to teach the teacher

  24. I let my Volkswagen Beetle listen to this. It turned into an M1 Abrams

  25. Play at speed of 1.25 and you will not be disappointed.

  26. This entire video is my workout soundtrack

  27. When my neighbors heard me play this, they threw a rock at my window so they could hear it better

  28. imagine if God of War had this soundtrack.. i mean you’re already slaying gods there lmao

  29. this is the most ubsurd sound track to anything ever

  30. Shotgun Shells Are Red, Demons Are Nocturnal. Halo Might Be Infinite, But Doom Is Eternal.

  31. Doom Soundtrack on spotify cancelled after spotify claims "dynamic visualizers aren't cool enough yet for this"

  32. If doom was the upside-down, you aren’t the people. You are the demagorgan

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