Dominating on Official Vanilla Server - Rust -

Dominating on Official Vanilla Server – Rust

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Watch as Keyworth and Beccasomething dominate on a force wiped official vanilla server on rust. They get into raids, counter-raids, pvp and much more in this great video!

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  1. I just want to ask that u make the best rust vids ever keep up the good work

  2. Top servers, vanilla servers!!! If you play them, you appreciate what you've gained and don't go the easy way.
    That's why this movie is so good.
    It is enough to play on a server with a limit of players in a team and you can feel like in the good old days of Rust. There is no point in entering those without a limit without a strong team.

  3. This vid is fire 🔥 I love it when you do duo

  4. can already tell im going to enjoy watching you. love the vibe

  5. uhhhh Domination uhhhh i…dont…even…have….rust

  6. 37:00 just saying, u can craft tcs and then pick up more stuff and then not fully craft em just cancel when they at like 4 secs left

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